High School Summer Learning

  • ​High School Summer Learning is an opportunity for high school students to accelerate or recover credits during the time between school years. The summer session is a condensed version of content provided during the school year, and students must have their course requests validated by their counselor before being enrolled. 

    Fulton County Schools offers three summer learning opportunities for high school students who need to retake a previously failed course:
    1. Face-to-Face Summer School
    2. Fulton Virtual Learning Program
    3. Fulton County Credit Recovery

    Students may also accelerate their learning during the summer by taking a course for the first time through the Fulton Virtual.  Tuition is required to take a course for the first time during the summer.

    As you consider your options, please keep in mind that one course is the equivalent of a semester-long class for a 0.5 credit.  Students are limited to taking

    • 2 courses in a Face to Face setting
    • 2 courses in Fulton Virtual 
    • 1 High School Summer Credit Recovery course at a time.  Once a 0.5 credit is earned, a student may take another course through High School Summer Credit Recovery.

    Depending on student need, a student may be simultaneously enrolled in more than one summer learning option.  

Important Dates

  • Summer Learning Online Registration:

    Face-to-Face:  March 1 - May 24, 2024
    Fulton Virtual School:  March 1 - May 31, 2024

    Late Registration:

    Face-to-Face:  June 3 and 4 (at the summer learning site)

    Face-to-Face Session:

    Dates: June 5 - July 3, 2024
    Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 12:20 p.m.

    Fulton Virtual School:

    Dates: June 5 - July 10, 2024

Summer Learning Registration Info

Summer School Invitation Criteria

  • Grade Level Invitation Criteria Courses Offered

    Grades 9-12

    • Required for students who fail an EOC tested course (Semester 2 or B)
    • Recommended for students to retake a previously failed course
    • US History
      (US History B/semester 2 is an EOC course)
    • Environmental Science
    • Biology
      (Biology B/semester 2 is an EOC course)
    • Algebra: Concept & Connections
      (Algebra B/semester 2 is an EOC course)
    • Geometry: Concepts & Connections
    • Advanced Algebra: Concepts & Connections
    • Ninth Grade Literature & Composition
    • Tenth Grade Literature & Composition
    • Eleventh Grade American Literature & Composition
      (American Lit. B/semester 2 is an EOC course)

    Grades 9-12
    Fulton Virtual

    • Required for students who fail an EOC tested course (Semester 2 or B)
    • Recommended for students to retake a previously failed course
    • Recommended for students who want to accelerate their learning and take a course for the first time.
    • Fulton Virtual provides online learning options for middle and high school students throughout the district, enabling greater flexibility for students aiming to recover credit or accelerate classes.
    • Students can expect to spend 3 hours per day for each semester course taken in the summer term.
    • Students are unable to log into any Fulton Virtual course from outside the United States.
    • Visit the Fulton Virtual Course Catalogs for summer course offerings.

    Grades 9-12 Fulton Credit Recovery

    • Recommended for students to retake a previously failed course
    • Credit Recovery courses do not meet NCAA eligibility requirements and are not recommended for a student athlete who intends to compete at the collegiate level.
    • Students should contact their counselor for credit recovery course offerings at their school.

Summer Learning Host Sites 2024

  • Zone Summer School Site Serving These Schools
    Zone 1 Banneker High School * Banneker
    Zone 2 Creekside High School Creekside
    Tri-Cities High School Tri-Cities
    Zone 3 Langston Hughes High School Langston Hughes
    Global Impact Academy  Global Impact Academy, Westlake
    Zone 4 Riverwood High School Riverwood, North Springs, Independence
    Zone 5 Roswell High School * Centennial, Roswell
    Zone 6 Johns Creek High School Chattahoochee, Johns Creek, Northview
    Zone 7 Milton High School Cambridge, Milton, Alpharetta, Innovation Academy


    *Indicates summer site for students on adaptive curriculum or ESY

Summer Learning Testing Schedule

  • Subject Instructional Dates Testing Dates Make-Up Dates
    Biology June 5 - July 3 July 10 July 12
    Algebra: Concepts & Connections June 5 - July 3 July 9 July 12
    US History June 5 - July 3 July 11 July 12
    11th Grade American Literature & Composition June 5 - July 3 July 9 - Part 1
    July 10 - Part 2
    July 12

Summer Learning Transportation 

  • Fulton County Schools provides bus transportation for all students in the summer learning program. To provide this service, revised routes will pick up and drop off students based on "community" stops, high density stops, and school-to-school stops. This includes buses that will take students from their original home school to the summer school site. Please check the Transportation website after May 17th for bus stop and time information for your student. We will continue to use the "Here Comes the Bus" app during summer learning to ensure that parents have the most up-to-date bus information. Students attending Summer Learning Adaptive program can receive transportation based on their IEP. Please register with the student's home school no later than April 26th to ensure the student's route is in place for the first day of summer school.

Summer Learning School Nutrition

  • Students attending face-to-face summer learning will receive free breakfast and lunch meals during the school’s scheduled mealtimes.