2024-2025 Course Selection Process Overview

  • Step 1: Teacher Recommendation- Beginning January 24, 2024, teachers will begin recommending course placement for next year using various factors, including grades, classroom observations, student skills, self-advocacy ability, and collaboration skills.  Students and teachers should be discussing placement recommendations throughout this process.  Placement guidelines can be viewed at 2024 - 2025 Course Registration and Curriculum Guides / Updates (fultonschools.org) 

    Step 2: Course Selection Form- Students will receive their Course Selection Form on February 6, 2024.  This form will list their teachers’ placement recommendations.   

    • Students should carefully review the form and complete the necessary placement waivers if they want to waive into a higher rigor course.   

    • Students will also use the form to request their electives courses.  Note that Dual Enrollment, senior reduction, and Work Based Learning require additional forms/paperwork.   

    • Counselors will be available to students to answer questions in room 2428 during B2 and in the Cafeteria Coffee Shop during lunches from February 6- February 16. 

    • Course selection forms are due to Bridge West by February 16, 2024.   

    • Course placement guidelines and elective information can be found at 2024 - 2025 Course Registration and Curriculum Guides / Updates (fultonschools.org) 

    Step 3: Course Selection Form Processing- Counselors will process course requests between February 20- March 1, 2024.  Please note that counselors will have extremely limited availability for meetings during this time.  Please address all placement questions and concerns with counselors by February 16. 

    Step 4: Verification Sheet- Students will receive their Course Verification Sheet listing registered courses on March 5, 2024.  Students should review the form and clearly indicate any inaccuracies or changes.  Signed forms are due back to Bridge West by 4 pm on April 12, 2024. 

2024-2025 Course Placement Guidelines

  • Teachers make course placement recommendations for next year based on…

    • Current and past academic performance
    • Classroom observations
    • Student skills and self-advocacy
    • County and state guidelines

    High School Initial Placement Guidelines can be reviewed by visiting 2024 - 2025 Course Registration and Curriculum Guides / Course Placement Guidelines (fultonschools.org)

    Students should talk with their teacher if they have questions/concerns about their placement recommendation for a particular course.

    If students want to waive into a higher rigor course than the one recommended, the waiver needs to be completed and turned in with the Course Selection Form.

    School Counselors will be available in the following locations from February 6- February 16 to talk with students about class selection.

    • B2- room 2428
    • Lunch- Cafeteria Coffee Shop

Personal Fitness Waivers

  • Students in grades 9th to 11th can apply to waive the required graduation requirement of Personal Fitness class by meeting the criteria listed below and then filling out a Personal Waiver Form. The form needs to be submitted by the end of 11th grade.

    Failure to submit the form by the last day of the 11th-grade year will result in the student being required to take the Personal Fitness class senior year.

    Criteria for Personal Fitness Waiver:

    • A student has completed one entire season of a GHSA sport (excludes One Act Play, Literary Competitions, and Esports) OR
    • A student has completed one full season of a non-GHSA sport
    • A student has completed one season of Marching Band
    • A student has earned 0.5 credit in Dance, Cirque, or Physical Education elective class

    Non-GHSA sports must have a clear start and end date, a defined practice schedule, involve physical activity, and include a record of participation.  Program sponsors must provide documentation ensuring that a student has completed the above requirements in good standing.

    To receive the Personal Fitness Waiver, students must get a form from Bridge West or download it from our website to have their Coach or Director complete it and get a parent/guardian signature.  The student must complete the online "Personal Fitness Waiver Request Form" and turn in a hard-copy "Verification of Participation" form (with necessary signatures) to the Bridge West office. 

    Personal Fitness Request Forms

Online (Virtual) Courses

  • Students are limited to taking 1.5 total credits (3 semester courses) per semester as part of their course load. Students may add additional online courses beyond their 6 total classes of the school day at the student's cost.

    Students must have completed the "Cambridge Contract for Online Classes" as part of the Course Verification process. Counselors will review the contract, and approval status will be emailed (from Sydney Johnson) to the student email addresses noted on the contract. If approved, students can proceed with the FVS course registration process. For questions, please contact your counselor.

    The Contract can be found at Academics > Virtual Courses > Contract for Online Classes.

    Students approved to take Fulton Virtual Courses in the Fall and/or Spring can register through Fulton Virtual (Vector). Visit Fulton Virtual registration for instructions on registration and essential information about Fulton Virtual courses and expectations.

    Students approved to take Georgia Virtual Courses in the Fall and/or Spring can register via GAVS: www.gavirtualschool.org

Dual Enrollment

  • What is Dual Enrollment?

    • Dual Enrollment is a program in which a high school student takes college courses and receives both high school and college credit. Students can potentially earn up to 30 credit hours of free tuition to transfer to a college or start working towards a technical diploma/certificate from a technical college.
    • Cambridge students can participate in Dual Enrollment in the following ways:
    • Take all college courses on the college campus or online
    • Take some high school courses at Cambridge and some college courses on a college campus or online

    How can I get more information on the program?

    What steps do I need to take to enroll in dual enrollment classes?

Senior Reduction

  • Fulton County will allow seniors who are on track for graduation to reduce their course load by one class period per semester (.5 credit each). This means five (5) courses instead of six (6). 


    1. Seniors who are enrolled in the courses needed to graduate on time.

    2. Seniors with no "WF" on their transcript from previous semesters.

    3. Seniors who complete and turn in the form (under 18 with parent/guardian permission).

    Interest Form:

    For eligible seniors interested in participating in the 2024-25 school year, please download the "Cambridge High School Senior Reduction Form" below and read the form carefully. Once completed and signed, return it to the Bridge West office.

    Cambridge High School Senior Reduction Form

Fulton County Schools Graduation Requirements

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.

HOPE and Zell Mill Scholarships

  • HOPE Grade Point Average Available in GaFutures.org

    All students should be able to see their HOPE GPA at www.GaFutures.org. A student's final GPA that determines eligibility is available after graduation. However, students can see a running calculation after each semester enabling students and families to see where they stand.

    Students can track their HOPE or Zell Miller Scholarship status during high school through their GAfutures.org account at My High School HOPE GPA. For more information on tracking eligibility, visit GAfutures / HOPE & Zell Miller Scholarship / How to Track Your HOPE Academic Eligibility.

    HOPE Scholarship Eligibility

    HOPE Scholarship requires the following:

    Zell Miller Scholarship Eligibility

    Zell Miller Scholarship requires the following:

    Fulton County Schools Counselors do not calculate HOPE GPA – Georgia Student Finance will calculate HOPE GPA

    Zell Miller Scholarship Student Documents

    Detailed instructions for submitting test scores for the Zell Miller Scholarship can be found on GAfutures.org/Zell Miller/Student Document Upload.

    HOPE Scholarship Student Documents

    Detailed instructions for submitting test scores for the HOPE Scholarship can be found on GAfutures.org/HOPE Scholarship/Student Document Upload.

    • The HOPE Scholarship, Zell Miller Scholarship, and HOPE Grant pay a certain amount for tuition. The amount of the award depends on the type of school the student is attending, the number of credit hours the student is enrolled, and the specific tuition rate for the college. 

    HOPE and Zell Miller Grant

    • Georgia's HOPE Grant (a separate program from the HOPE Scholarship) is available to Georgia residents who are working towards a certificate or diploma (continuing education programs are not eligible) at an eligible college or university in Georgia.
    • The HOPE Grant program is for students seeking a technical certificate or diploma, regardless of the student's high school grade point average or graduation date. 
    • The Zell Miller Scholarship Program is for students who have demonstrated academic achievement and are seeking a college degree. Generally, to become eligible, a student must graduate from an eligible high school with a 3.70 GPA and a minimum score on the SAT/ACT. 

    For more information, please review the HOPE Scholarship Regulations.

    • The HOPE Scholarship, Zell Miller Scholarship, and HOPE Grant pay a certain amount for tuition. The amount of the award depends on the type of school the student is attending, the number of credit hours the student is enrolled, and the specific tuition rate for the college. 

    For more information, please review the Award Amounts.

    HOPE Career Grant

    The HOPE Career Grant is available to HOPE Grant-qualified students who enroll in select majors specifically aligned with industries in which there are more jobs available in Georgia than there are skilled workers to fill them. These industries have been identified as strategically important to the state’s economic growth.

    How do you apply for the HOPE Scholarship?

    A student may apply for the scholarships by completing the GSFAPP (one-time completion) or FAFSA (completed each academic year). Check with the post-secondary institution’s financial aid office for scholarship eligibility after submitting an application. Additional documentation may be required by the post-secondary institution.

    *Please refer to www.gafutures.org for up-to-date changes in programs and policies