Paying for College

  • We know college isn't cheap. Scholarships are a fantastic way to help pay for college. This list is not exhaustive, but offers a great starting point for you. Research, research, research! 

    Accessing Local Scholarships via Naviance:

    1. Log in to ClassLink
    2. Select 'Naviance-Stu'
    3. Select 'Colleges' at the top
    4. Select 'Scholarship Search' under the Scholarships & Money column
    5. View all scholarships that are shared in FCS and with Milton HS


    Additional Resources:

    This site covers information such as:

    • Filling out a FAFSA request
    • Merit-Based Scholarships
    • How Student Loans Work
    • Planning for life after college and much more

Jumpstart Your Scholarship Search: