Counseling Corner

  • Senior Midyear Reports/Transcripts:

    Seniors applying through Common App to colleges that require a Midyear Report do not have to submit requests for those to be completed. Counselors will automatically upload any required Midyear Reports once the county finishes all the required processes to finalize Fall 2023 grades. Do not worry if your college has an earlier date stated for their Midyear Reports - high schools across the country finish their first term at different times, and colleges expect that.

    College Application Help Session:

    Seniors who need help with their college applications or have any questions should come by the Media Center during their lunch period on Friday, January 19th. Counselors will be there to help!

    Upcoming Presentations and Events:

    • Thursday, January 25th - 9th & 10th Grade Information Presentation on Teams at 5:30 pm - click here to join. Topics will include typical 10th and 11th grade schedules, how to plan for a balanced courseload, graduation requirements, understanding your GPA, as well as a brief overview of HOPE/Zell Miller Scholarships and Grants. The meeting will be recorded and posted on the Counseling Department website afterward.
    • Thursday, February 1st - Dual Enrollment Night presentation on Teams at 5:30 pm - link forthcoming in the next Hooch Happenings.
    • February 12th - 26th - all current 9th - 11th graders will come with their English classes to the Media Center on an assigned day to meet individually with their school counselor and review their teachers' course recommendations for the 2024-205 school year.
    • Late February - early March (date TBD) - 10-minute scheduling meetings will be available for students/parents to discuss any remaining scheduling questions for the 2024-2025 school year. Link to schedule these meetings is forthcoming.