North Fulton National PTA Schools of Excellence Distinctions

  • Posted 10/31/223

    Hillside Elementary School

    Hembree Springs
    Hemberee Springs Elementary School

    Several Parent Teacher Associations (PTA) in north Fulton County made the commitment with their respective schools to enrich the experiences of stakeholders by meeting the National PTA standards for Family-School Partnerships. The year-long process to be recognized as a National PTA School of Excellence involved questions posed to the community about improvements to the family-school partnership, analysis of feedback, creation of an action plan to implement improvements, and evaluation of the plan’s impact through follow-up with the community.

    Hillside Elementary School Principal Dr. Hardray Dumas said, “Earning the recognition of National PTA School of Excellence is so exciting. As a school principal, to experience such a dynamic partnership between our school and families is amazing.”

    At Holcomb Bridge Middle School, Principal Jennifer Cassidy said, “We are so thankful for the support provided by our PTA. They work to positively impact our school climate and support all students and staff to achieve success.”

    “We are helping every day,” said Holcomb Bridge Middle School PTA Co-President Martie Taylor. “We are growing every day. The school and parents working together will result in great success.”

    “Our PTSA is an outstanding group of volunteers who exceed expectations in supporting our school community,” said Principal Mike Scheifflee of Alpharetta High School. “Each committee member facilitates their roles with excellence allowing our teaching staff to focus on instruction.”

    Roswell High School’s partnership with PTSA has redefined advocacy, support, networking, and collaboration,” explained Principal LaToya Miley.

    Hembree Springs Elementary School is a special place because of the people who work hard to support our wonderful students,” said Principal AJ Smith. Our school would not be the same without its excellent PTA.”

    Hembree Springs PTA President Sara Fuchs adds, “I’m thrilled that Hembree Springs has been named a National School of Excellence. It is a testament to the dedication and hard work of our administration, our committed teachers, and our supportive parents. I couldn’t be prouder to be part of such an incredible community.”


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