Fulton County Schools Exhibition Brings Community Together Through Marching Bands

  • Posted 10/30/2023

    Band Exhibition

    It is the time of year when the high-spirited sounds of high school marching bands fill the fall air as the music, dance and pageantry of competition united the Fulton County Schools (FCS) community recently for the district's annual Marching Band Exhibition.

    The exhibition held recently at Cambridge High School brought students from different schools, neighborhoods, and backgrounds together to celebrate their shared love for music.

    "We are so proud of the diversity of our bands," said Matt Koperniak, FCS coordinator of Performing Arts. "The various schools across our district have distinct traditions, but we have a tight-knit community of band directors and they love to bring their students together to celebrate each other's work."

    Koperniak joined with school directors and parents whose hearts swelled with pride as their students, both seasoned and newcomers, took the field. As each band performed, the smiles on the students' faces were radiant, a testament to the hard work and dedication that had gone into their performance.

    Spectators not only enjoyed seeing their school's band perform, but they were also there to support band programs across the district.

    "The parents who attend the exhibition really love to see all the different bands and what their students have been working on since the summer heat of July," said Koperniak. "They love to see all the new show ideas."

    The exhibition allows young musicians to gain invaluable experience, learn from their peers, and receive constructive feedback from judges, while the FCS band director community learns from the early season lessons taken from the exhibition.

    "For students, this is the first 'non-football' game performance and gives them a taste of the band competition season," Koperniak said, his voice filled with enthusiasm. "It is a safe environment for them to learn and grow before they meet other bands in competition. Especially for new students and ninth graders, this event was a gateway to the world of high school band, a chance to experience the thrill of performing under the lights and in front of an audience."

    This tradition not only allowed students to perform in different settings but also fostered a sense of camaraderie among the schools. Ultimately, the exhibition was not just a showcase of musical talent; it was a celebration of a community that believes in the power of music to transform lives.

    Marching Exhibition

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