• Before parents and students can schedule the Junior Advisement appointment with their counselors, please make sure the following steps are completed:

    1. Review Junior Information meeting recording and/or presentation; links available above
    2. Discuss important topics at home; click here
    3. Complete Junior Tasks in Naviance; click here
    4. Set-up Microsoft Teams if needed; click here


    Click here to review and complete all points above!


    Once all steps are completed, you are ready to schedule your appointment with your counselor by clicking on the appropriate link below.

    Elizabeth Chilson – Last Names - A-Daq; click here

    Curtisa Johnson – Last Names - Dar-H; click here

    Laurel Turner – Last Names -  I-Mar; click here

    Deborah Blount – Last Names - Mas-Sah; click here

    Tammy Jones – Last Names - Sai-Z; click here