Responding to Disrespect: Parent Guide


  • Responding to Disrespect: Parent Guide  

    Goal of Protocol

    Webb Bridge Middle School is committed to our Vision: “Through an inclusive community, we commit to cultivate each facet of each child in order to have a positive impact on tomorrow’s world.”

    The goal of this protocol is to provide school staff with a respectful and impactful approach to prevent and respond to incidents of disrespect at Webb Bridge Middle School, in order to provide an Inclusive Community.

    Per the Fulton County Schools Code of Conduct:

    6f.II Teasing/Taunting: Engaging or encouraging teasing and/or taunting of another student, employee, volunteer, or visitor to provoke or make fun of someone, whether in a playful, insulting, or contemptuous manner.

    6a.III Harassment: Disability/Race/Color/National Origin/Religion/Sexual Orientation:

    Harassment is strictly prohibited.

    Harassment includes behavior that creates an unpleasant or hostile situation by uninvited and unwelcome verbal or physical conduct, teasing, or taunting. 

    6b. IV Bullying/Cyberbullying

    Bullying/Cyberbullying is strictly prohibited.  Bullying includes the following:

    Bullying applies to acts which occur on school property or through school technology resources, and also applies to acts which occur through the use of electronic communication, whether or not that communication originated on school property or with school technology resources, if the electronic communication (1) is directed specifically at students or school personnel, (2) is maliciously intended for the purpose of threatening the safety of those specified or substantially disrupting the orderly operation of the school, and (3) creates a reasonable fear of harm to the students’ or school personnel’s person or property or has a high likelihood of succeeding in that purpose.  Electronic communication includes but is not limited to any transfer of signs, signals, writings, images, sounds, data or intelligence of any nature transmitted in whole or in part by a wire, radio, electromagnet, photo electronic or photo optical system.

    Key Definitions:

    Per the Merriam-Webster Dictionary

    Respect- (verb) to consider worth of high regard: (noun) high or special regard

    Inclusive- including everyone

    Empathy- the action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experience of another

    Disrespect- (verb) to lack special regard or respect for; to show or express disrespect or contempt for: (noun) low regard or esteem for someone or something

    Teasing- to make fun of; to disturb or annoy by persistent irritating or provoking especially in a petty or mischievous way

    Taunting- to reproach or challenge in a mocking or insulting manner; sarcastic challenge or insult

    Prevention Strategies:

    • Admin and Counselor visits to Compass classes
    • Respect lessons in Compass
    • Cultural Celebrations school-wide
    • The Webb Way
    • No Place for Hate
    • Service Learning
    • Embedded Values
    • Visual reminders
    • Re-visit school-wide messaging every 9 weeks


    Addressing Disrespect:

    • Staff members will “Interrupt” the disrespect
    • Staff members will ask clarifying questions, as needed.
    • Staff members will Respond Immediately to hateful and/or hurtful comments and actions


    Reporting Disrespect:

    • Staff, Students, and Parents can email an administrator.
    • Students can inform a teacher.
    • Students may go to the office to request a meeting with an administrator.
    • Students may go to the counseling office to request a meeting with a counselor.
    • Students may go to the front office and request to write a statement.



    Administration Response to disrespect:

    • Investigate the incident
    • Communicate the incident to the appropriate stakeholders (Standard response to be created by members of Admin team)
    • Restorative Practices as deemed appropriate
    • Consequences per the FCS Code of Conduct
    • Reflective learning activity/lesson (for the purpose of education)


    Possible School based supports for affected student(s):

    • Grade Level Counselor
    • Grade Level AP
    • Parent Liaison
    • School Social Worker
    • IST or Graduation Coach
    • MTSS Referral
    • Check and Connect Mentor
    • Goldfish Club
    • School clubs/activities

    Possible School Based remediation for Instigator(s):

    • Reflection Room- intentional reflection activities (page number refers to a particular lesson in the book “Create a Culture of Kindness”)
      • “Honoring Uniqueness” lesson and reflection- p. 60
      • “Strengthening Your Empathy Muscle”- p.70
      • “Being Excluded” – p.84-85
    • “No Contact” Contract
    • Restorative Practices
    • Teachable Moments lessons
    • MTSS Referral
    • Check and Connect Mentor
    • Grade Level Team: AP, Counselor, Chair




    Parent Resources

    *Please note that we are not advocating for nor responsible for these resources. 

    • A Parent’s Guide to Understanding and Responding to Bullying by Arthur M. Horne, Jennifer L. Stoddard, and Christopher D. Bell (Research Press, 2008)







    • Strong4life.com







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