• Letters of Recommendation

    If you need a letter of recommendation for an application, please follow the guidelines below.

    • Reach out to selected teachers before requesting in application/adding their information.
      • Best to ask in person.
      • Have a resume ready in case they need a copy. See resume writing tips here.
    • Good practice to write a thank you card or email after.
    • Pay attention to the type of recommendation required
      • Coach ≠ Teacher
    • Teacher recommenders should ideally be from 11th or 12th grade
      • Able to talk about the type of student you are now
    • Request at least 2 weeks before college or scholarship application deadline!! (Earlier is better)
    • If you need a counselor rec for a college application, please complete the senior brag sheet by September 1st.
  • How to add a Recommender in Common App

    If you are using Common App for your college applications, follow these screenshots for how to add a recommender. 

    Do not add a recommender in your application until you talk to them first.


    On your applications you will be asked to waive FERPA. Family Educational Rights and Privacy ACT (FERPA) is a law that gives you rights to your educational records. Your applications, including your letter of recommendations, become part of your records.
    Waiving FERPA means you are giving up your right to view your letters of recommendations.

    Why is this Important?
    If colleges see that you can view your letters of recommendation, they will question if the contents of the letter are truthful and reliable.
    Waiving FERPA helps uphold the integrity of the letters.

    Senior Brag Sheet

    Time to Brag on Yourself!! Let the counselors know what you want us to highlight on your letter of recommendation. Senior Brag Sheet will be completed electronically and emailed to counselor.