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    We work diligently alongside students, parents, and teachers to engage students, foster achievement, and inspire excellence. We look forward to assisting you with your academic, personal/social, and post-secondary needs this year.

    ****************Important Update**************

    Mrs. Dreyer will be out on maternity leave for the rest of the semester. While she is out, the counseling team will be getting a substitute counselor, Mrs.  Chamberlin. Mrs. Chamberlin will work with 9th-11th graders with last names Dh-Ji. The seniors will be broken up amongst the JCHS Counselors. Ms. Latham will assist with Dual Enrollment applications and questions for last names Dh-Ji. Please see below.

    • 9th-11th Dh-Ji: Mrs. Chamberlin   
    • 12th
      - Dh-Fe: Mr. DeRosso 
      - Fh-Go: Mr. Giles 
      - Gr-Hi: Ms. Latham 
      - Ho-Ji: Ms. Taylor
    • Dual Enrollment Questions/Support for students with last names Dh-Ji: Ms. Latham


    JCHS Counseling Dept 23-24


    The Creek Counseling office is open 8am-3:45pm.

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    Fax #: 470-254-4373


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