• Rising 9th Grade
  • Dual Enrollment
  • Course Catalog & Elective Lists
  • All scheduling forms were due March 15th, 2024.


    Final Course Request Forms

    Final Course Request Form

    How to Fill out Form:

    Class Requests: Every student, even if there are no changes from the teacher recommendations in IC, must complete this form. Indicate Dual Enrollment, online, etc. on this form and turn in appropriate required paperwork for those platforms. The only changes that can be made after this form is submitted will be leveling down (e.g., moving from AP to honors or onlevel). Be careful what you write down = this is the FINAL request.

    Alternate electives: Every student needs to choose 2 back up/alternate electives.

    Course Waiver: A student can waive one level higher than what their teacher recommended them for, e.g., recommended for onlevel = can waive up to honors. The course waiver must be signed by both parent and student.

    AP Commitment: If a student is requesting an AP course, the AP commitment must be signed by both parent and student.

    Signature on bottom of form: Both parent and student need to sign the bottom, confirming the course requests


    Online Classes

          ******NEW CHANGES FOR 24-25 SCHOOL YEAR******

    Starting for the 24-25 school year, students will only be able to request one online course a semester. JCHS only receives 200 spots for students to take online courses and can no longer go over the allocated limit. Students can request to take one online course in Fulton Virtual School (FVS). If the course is not offered in FVS, the student can request to take the course through Georgia Virtual School (GAVS). 

    The online contract for the academic year was due 3/15/24. 

    FVS Registration Directions & Course Catalog:

    How to Request an Online Course in FVS 

    Fulton Virtual School (FVS) Course Catalog

    GAVS Regisration & Course Catalog:

    How to Request an Online Course in GAVS

    Georgia Virtual School (GAVS) Course Catalog

    JCHS online contracts are NOT needed for Dual Enrollment online courses. They are for FVS/GAVS. See the DE website for the required DE application.


    Online Summer 2024 Classes 

    The Summer 2024 Online Contract was due 3/15/24.

        ******NEW CHANGES FOR 24-24 Summer******

    Students can take up to 1.0 credits during the summer. Students considering taking online summer courses need to keep in mind the following:

    • Summer courses are designed for remediation/credit recovery, not acceleration. Students planning to take a course over the summer for acceleration will be placed in the next onlevel course.
    • Summer term is only ~5 weeks long so the course is accelerated. Students can expect to spend 3.5 hrs/day working on a 0.5 credit course. Students must meet progression deadlines or they will be dropped from the class.
    • FVS cannot be accessed outside of the country.
    • There is tuition for online classes taken over the summer (unless a student is taking credit recovery).


    Senior Course Reduction 

    The Senior Course Reduction form was due 3/15/24.

    On-track seniors may request to take a reduced course load of 5 classes. Students seeking college admission should consider the impact of taking a reduced course load. This is not recommended for seniors applying to competitive colleges. Senior reduction will be for the entire year.