Work-Based Learning

  • About Work-Based Learning 

    Work-Based Learning (WBL) curriculum is designed to help students develop the skills and attitudes needed to be successful in the global workforce. The Work-Based Learning program for high school seniors connects school-based education to the world of work. The WBL curriculum provides both educational and occupational experiences for students to assist in developing skills necessary for the world of work and to continue a post-secondary education program of study. The WBL work-site experience requires a training plan that complements on-the-job and classroom components of the curriculum. Participation in CTSOs provides opportunities for leadership development, community service, regional and state competition, and co-curricular activities.



    Rising Senior; approval of WBL coordinator; have an identified career goal; at least 16 years of age; concurrently enrolled in a CTAE course or previously taken 1 year of a CTAE course;

    reliable transportation*, on track for graduation; minimum of two teacher recommendations; minimum 2.5 G.P.A., and completed the Work-Based Learning Application process through

    FCS DocuSign. Disciplinary actions and/or excessive absences may result in a student not being admitted into the program.



    One unit of credit for each year-long release period.


     PART 1--Complete the WBL Interest form with accurate information.  

     PART 2—Once the WBL Interest form has been submitted and the student is eligible for the program, the WBL Coordinator will acknowledge acceptance for the WBL Application by forwarding the links to the student, parent, teachers, and counselor to be completed and signed by all parties through FCS DocuSign.  (It is important that students provide the correct email addresses to receive the application.) 

    PART 3--All parties check their emails and complete the DocuSign application. (Please note that the WBL application must be completed by the student first, then completed by the parent, before the teachers and counselors can receive the application.) 

    PART 4--Interview--will be done through Flipgrid.  (Link will be provided to eligible students) 

    PART 5--Wait to receive an acceptance letter into the Work-Based Learning Program!