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    Our Goal:
    To ensure identified students experiencing barriers, receive mentor support though our FCS SAFE Centers helping them stay engaged in school and achieve success.


    Our Objective:
    To offer increased access to resources through referrals, consistent emotional, social, and academic support while building positive adult relationships that cultivate successful student decisions.


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Positive Impact 


    Formal mentorship can help individuals cope with many of the stressors associated with the social, mental and emotional barriers impacting a student’s ability to most positively navigate their environment. (Osterling & Hines, 2006)

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    Time Mentor Student


    Mentorship programs help teach youth life skills they may not have otherwise had access to, leading them to better outcomes in their current attendance, educational success, and job placement. (Karabanow, 2002; Dang, 2013)


  • Volunteer/Mentor Requirements

    • Exempt Non-School Based Employee
    • Supervisor Approval
    • Commitment to volunteering for full school year
    • Maintain non-judgmental attitude with students
    • Attend Stand Up Fulton orientation and mentor training
    • 20-25 District Level: Admin, NLC and SLC Staff at each SAFE Center

    Student/Mentee Requirements

    • Experiencing a circumstance negatively impacting ability
    • Significant attendance, behavioral or academic concern
    • Willing participant
    • Not receiving support through other mentorship services
    • Maintain a commitment to mentoring guidelines
    • Interested in meeting during lunch twice monthly
    • Discuss experiences and goals
    • 20-25 students will participate at each SAFE Center


    Mentor Meeting Requirements

    • Mentors and mentees commit to meeting during lunch twice monthly for a minimum of a full school year. 
    • During each meeting, mentees, with the support and guidance of their mentors, set individualized goals related to life skills and personal development, academic success, employment, and postsecondary achievement.
    • Mentors regularly check in with students between meetings regarding life changes and updates on their goals through Program Director.


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  • Fulton County Schools SAFE Centers 

    Banneker High School 

    North Springs High School 

    Tri-Cities High School 


    These locations were selected for their S.A.F.E. Center work and accessibility and central location for District staff.


    Safe 1


    Safe 2

    Safe 3


  • Informational Meeting:
    2 Virtual Options
    8/28 - 8/29 10:00 a.m.


    Training Meeting Locations/Dates:
    S.A.F.E. Centers:
     - 9/12 Tri-Cities HS
     - 9/19 Banneker
     - 9/26 North Springs


    Matching via Program Liaison, School Lead and Program Director
    Sept 11th-Oct 6th


    Program Begins
    Wednesday, October 11th