Fulton County Schools has record districtwide performance for elementary school students in Georgia

  • Posted 7/31/2023

    Milestones Facts

    State testing results released today confirm that the percentage of Fulton County Schools (FCS) students testing at proficient and distinguished levels in several categories today is greater than in 2019. Additionally, the district's overall performance in 2023 was higher than in 2019 for elementary proficient and distinguished students in all tested subjects.

    Emerging from the COVID-19 testing disruption, fully engaged FCS students exceeded the results of their peers across the state and the metropolitan Atlanta area. Elementary students exceeded state and Metro Regional Educational Service Agency (RESA) results in several categories, notably in English/language arts (ELA) and math for third and eighth grade, with proficient and above ratings in all End of Grade (EOG) assessments. Impressively, third graders increased year-over-year by three percentage points in ELA and four points in math. High school students exceeded state and RESA scores in all categories proficient and above and saw a five percent increase in algebra and four percent in biology results. FCS exceeded the RESA and the state for students reading on grade level or above.

    "We can see the impact that the hard work and dedication of teachers, students and staff has made in our post-pandemic recovery," said Fulton County Board of Education President Kimberly Dove. "We are incredibly proud of the increases across Fulton County. The success in these scores represents all areas of the district."

    Superintendent Dr. Mike Looney added, "Our focus on literacy and instruction has helped reclaim much needed ground and academic success. While we see areas of need, we are proud of all of our students and staff."

    Forty-four schools saw double-digit growth in one or more tested areas. The total number of EOG and End of Course (EOC) tests with double-digit growth is 69 across all schools.

    Twenty-eight schools had students scoring at 80% or better in proficient and distinguished across all tested areas. The total number of EOG and EOC tests that exceed 80% is 76 across all schools.

    "These results show momentum, impact from targeted programs and ultimately, students mastering content," said Chief Academic Officer Cliff Jones. "I am particularly pleased to see the combination of our Every Child Reads program, and increased participation in Summer Learning has significantly improved student learning and results in reading proficiency."

    Download the Georgia Milestones results in PDF format.