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    Canvas is a web-based learning management system, or LMS. The Canvas LMS provides the essential digital foundation for learning, whether students are in face-to-face, blended, or virtual environments. It’s the classroom that goes where you go, providing equitable learning for all. 


    What does Canvas look like in the Classroom? 

    Canvas is very intuitive and easy to use. It will be integrated with our current digital resources and will be a one-stop-shop for resources and learning. Teachers can focus on instruction and students can focus on learning the content, not the technology. Canvas provides the tools  and space needed for teachers, students, and parents to stay connected.

    Who will use Canvas in Fulton County Schools?

    During the 2023-2024, all Fulton County High Schools will begin transitioning from Microsoft Teams to the Canvas Learning Management System. High school teachers who are eager to get started with Canvas will have the option to use Canvas as their instructional LMS with students beginning in August 2023. Other teachers will be learning about Canvas during the 2023-2024 school year, and will begin using it as their instructional LMS in August 2024.  By August 2024, all high school teachers will use Canvas as their instructional LMS instead of Microsoft Teams.  

    Middle Schools will transition in 2024-2025. By August 2025, all Middle Schools and High Schools will use Canvas as their Learning Management System and Microsoft Teams for video conferencing with students.

    What about Microsoft Teams?

    During the 2023-2024 school year, some high school teachers will continue to use Teams as their instructional platform with students while they learn more about the Canvas LMS. As we transition to using Canvas in all high school classes (August 2024), Canvas will be our instructional LMS.  If a teacher needs to meet with students online, this will be done through a Teams video meeting.  

    How do students access Canvas?

    Students will access Canvas through ClassLink.

    What is an Observer account?

    The observer role can be given to parents, family members or guardians to give them visibility into the student's Canvas courses. Family members and guardians can set up an observer account and pair it with student account(s) using a student pairing code. Once the observer is paired with their student(s) they will be able to see the courses that those student(s) are in.

    Is there a Canvas mobile app?

    Yes, there are separate apps for teachers, students, and families.  Search for Canvas in the Apple App Store or in Google Play.

     Canvas for Student Mobile App Icon Canvas Parent Mobile App Icon  Canvas Teacher Mobile App Icon 
    Canvas for Students Canvas for Families  Canvas for Teachers 

    How can students learn more about how to navigate Canvas?

    All Fulton County Canvas Courses will contain a module called Start Here. This module contains videos, resources, and instructions to help students and observers become familiar with how to navigate the platform, interact with teachers, and manage their learning in the Canvas LMS.


    Where can I receive technical support for Canvas?

    If you or your student require Canvas support, please contact your student's teacher.  


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  • Videos for Families

    Canvas Overview

    In this video, you will learn about the Canvas Dashboard and Global Navigation links, and about basic course navigation to view assignment details and grades. 

  • Observer Account Registration and Student Pairing

    In this video, you will learn about observer account registration and how to link students to your account using a student pairing code.

  • Canvas Parent App

    In this video you will learn how to use the Canvas Parent app. The steps in this video are shown for a phone display, but unless otherwise noted, tablet displays mirror the same steps. Most of this video was created using an iOS device. Any differences for Android users are noted.