Summer Learning Provides “Transformational” Experience For Students

  • Posted 7/25/2023



    A hard-working group of students will start the upcoming school year with a boost of confidence.

    Just a few days after the 2022-2023 school year was over, they were back in class for Fulton County School’s (FCS) Summer Learning Program.

    Jennifer Beard
    Director of Specials

    Jennifer Beard is the director of Specials for FCS. She describes the program as, “welcoming, engaging and joyful for students and staff.” Beard says it provides students with additional time “to learn their full potential.”

    Developing that potential is tailored to the needs of each student with “high-quality curriculum and enrichment opportunities,” says Beard.

    Some are enrolled for accelerated learning, while others are getting extra support for subjects they struggled with during the regular school year.

    Students have the option of online courses through Fulton Virtual, or in-person classes. The program serves children in 3rd through 12th grades, beginning in early June and wrapping up in early July.

    “This summer, we had 35 summer learning sites facilitating 38 summer learning programs,” says Beard.

    The location of the learning sites ensures ease of access across the county.

    “We want to have summer learning sites across all seven zones of our students and families,” says Beard.

    Students start their day the same time they would during the regular school year: 7:40 for elementary school, 8:55 for middle school and 8:20 for high school. But there is still room for summer fun – students are in class for only about four hours.

    For this year’s Summer Learning Program, students were supported by 936 staff members, including 698 teachers.

    “We also had Paraprofessionals, Clinic Aides, Counselors, Data Clerks, Professional Assistants and School Police Officers,” says Beard.

    Running the program requires “strong partnerships” says Beard. The result, according to the program’s mission statement, is “transformational” for students.


    McNair Middle School Summer Staff

    McNair Middle School Summer Staff

    McNair Middle School Summer Staff

    McNair Middle School Summer Staff