Academic Communications Protocol

  • Students and parents who have an issue with progress in a class, with a grade in a class, or who may need help in a class should follow the Cambridge Communication Protocol. At Cambridge, we promote student self-advocacy. Healthy communication is a life skill. All Cambridge students should leave high school with the ability to advocate for themselves, as it will be needed in college and career.

    The first step in seeking help or clarity is for the student to advocate directly with the teacher. This can be done through email, through TEAMS, or by setting up a meeting. If the student is not satisfied or needs additional help to resolve a situation, the parents with their student should then approach the teacher together. Should the situation remain unresolved, the student and parents next meet with the teacher and the Operational Chair. If the student still needs support, the student and parents should contact his/her child's administrator. In extreme situations where the situation is still unsettled, the student and parents would contact Ms. Agans for assistance. In all communications through the protocol, the student should be present and an active part of the conversation.

Department Chairs

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