Facilities Services Overview

  • Facilities Services is responsible for all aspects of facilities operations not directly related to day-to-day maintenance. Facilities Services’ focus is to ensure the habitability of all FCS buildings, providing an environment conducive to learning, teaching and all other activities that occur in the education process. The Director of Facilities Services and Facilities Project Manager work closely with Capital Programs Department, assisting with Design Standards specifications and reviewing project proposals and drawings. Major functions of Facilities Services include the following:

    • Environmental Services
      • Promotes technical competencies and provides support to school custodial staffs.  Special responsibilities also include indoor air quality, management of hazardous wastes, and supervision of contracted lawn maintenance services.
    • Utilities Services
      • Responsible for all contracted utilities, including electricity, gas, water, and trash. Utilities Services manages energy and resource conservation across the District, providing real-time performance monitoring through the District’s integrated, automated control systems.   
    • Facilities Projects
      • Facilities Projects works closely with Facilities Maintenance, soliciting and supervising contracts for outsourced, non-routine maintenance and repair projects.  Note that the Capital Programs Department separately handles major SPLOST-funded replacements, renovations, new construction and facilities alterations for the District.  
    • Administrative Building Management
      • The Building Manager oversees operation and facilities condition at all District administrative buildings.  The Building Manager also supports all FCS Divisions and Departments by organizing and supervising many special projects and activities.
  • Vacant
    Director, Facilities Services

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