Residency Policy

  • Fulton County Schools has revised its School Admission Policy (JBC) for Residence Verification. The policy no longer requires families to complete an Affidavit of Residence for every year of student enrollment, but instead provide two (2) proofs of residence (from the district's approved lists) upon initial enrollment into Fulton County Schools or upon entry to kindergarten, 6th grade, 9th grade and 10th grade.

    Residence verification is also required whenever there is an address change for a student.

How to Submit Requirements

  • You may email the two required proof documents with your STUDENT'S NAME & GRADE LEVEL to


    You may also bring your two required proof documents to Chattahoochee's Front Office for verification.

Residence Proof Documents

  • All 9th & 10th grade students at Chattahoochee High School will be required to submit one (1) proof of Residence and one (1) proof of Utility as their residency verification from the list below.

    Note that submitted documents must show parent/guardian's name and current address to be accepted as proof.

    Required for Utility Proof: 

    Required Residence Proof: 

     (choose 1)

      (choose 1)  

    ___ Water; or

    ___ Home mortgage bill; or

    ___ Electric

    ___ Apartment/house lease; or


    ___ Home sale contract; or


    ___ Section 8/HUD housing document; or


    ___ Current HOA bill/statement; or


    ___ Current year property tax bill or assessment