Camp Creek Middle School Celebrates Three State Winners in 2023 Georgia Social Studies Competition

  • Posted 6/6/2023

    Camp Creek Middle School has never been a finalist in a state Social Studies competition. Recently they did more than place. Three students won first place in the Georgia State Social Studies (GCSS) competition.

    Joshua Prather and Zevion Little won "Best in Discipline" for 6th grade Geography and Overall Best in Geography. Social Studies department chair Chemily Thomas could not contain her excitement.

    "Joshua and Zevion's project was 'How Does the Rainforest Support Human Life,'" said Thomas. "They received certificates and medals for their win!"

    Prather and Little described their historic accomplishment with a few choice words.

    "With patience and hard work, you can succeed in anything you strive for," they said.

    Eighth grader Guillermina Tacuri was the third member of the winning trio. She won Best in Discipline for her project, "Entrepreneurship Outnumbered: Women and Minorities in the Workplace."

    "She won first place in the discipline of Sociology/Social Psychology," Thomas said. Thomas was the directing teacher for Tacuri's project and Lashun Lang, 8th grade teacher, assisted.

    Tacuri was excited about her win.

    "When they first called my name to receive my award, I started shaking and then I froze," Tacuri said. "I then felt a rush of joy and felt that all of my hard work had paid off."

    Thomas is grateful for all the students who participated in this win for Camp Creek Middle.

    "This is the first time in the history of our school that our students have placed in region and state competition," she said. "I'm extremely proud of them."

    Camp Creek Winners