Langston Hughes Continues Dual Degree Tradition

  • Posted 6/5/2023

    Kevin Centeno-Rivera

    Courtney Johnson
    Langston HughesLangston Hughes

    Langston Hughes High School, named for famed American poet, social activist and novelist Langston Hughes, graduated 425 students May 17. Of that number, 25 students also received associate degrees in subjects ranging from Communications to Pre-nursing from Georgia Military College (GMC). Hughes, a central figure in the Harlem Renaissance cultural movement, no doubt would be proud.

    "Having college credits will help them save time and money when they enter college," said Cassandra Bolding, head counselor at Langston. "Exposure to the level of rigor in their courses at GMC will also make for a smoother transition to college."

    Kevin Centeno-Rivera, who is also Langston's 2023 Salutatorian, was urged by his mother to enroll in the dual degree program. "My mother wanted me to get an associate degree," Centeno-Rivera said. "I got all A's, but with study and preparation. It showed me what college was like and I had to work harder."

    Centeno-Rivera received a degree in Computer Science/General Studies and will attend Georgia Tech University. "I've always dreamed of going to Georgia Tech," he said. "The dual degree program has given me more college credit hours and made college more affordable."

    Courtney Johnson is a third-generation participant in the dual degree program. Her sister, Alexis Johnson graduated from the program in 2018 and her brother Brandon Johnson was a dual degree recipient in 2021.

    Johnson received an associate degree in English and enjoyed participating in the rigorous program. "I liked making the connection with my college professors," Johnson said. "They also gave me references for college."

    Using skills gained at GMC, Johnson will major in Mass Communication and Journalism at Savannah State University. "I want to publish books," Johnson said. "Majoring in Journalism will help me as an editor and publisher. My associate degree in English will also be helpful."

    The associate degree program will be different for students who want to participate in the future. "There's been a change in funding for the program through the Georgia Student Finance Commission," Bolding said. "There is now a funding cap. Future participants in the dual degree program will have to come up with some funds."

    Langston Hughes Principal Octavius Harris is proud of the students who received associate degrees from GMC. "The students who studied and received diplomas from GMC and Langston are to be commended," Harris said.

  • Langston Hughes High 2023 Associate Degree Graduates

    • Jahniya Brady - General Studies
    • Deasiah Brown - Communications/General Studies
    • Zariah Brown - General Studies
    • Deaira Bryant - Criminal Justice
    • Kevin Centeno-Rivera - Computer Science/General Studies
    • Kennedi Daniel - General Studies
    • Elangee Degree - Pre-Nursing/General Studies
    • Oumou Diallo - General Studies
    • Mario Esquivel - Communications/General Studies
    • Arreyana Gibson - General Studies
    • Tyrelle Gilbert - General Studies
    • Jarquavion Hart - Business Administration/General Studies
    • Caleb Heath - Computer Science
    • Zion Heyliger - General Studies
    • Courtney Johnson - English
    • Cydney Lazenberry - General Studies
    • Kyla Marquez - General Studies
    • Ruqiyyah Muhammad - Business Administration/Communications
    • Shaliyah Nichols - Pre-Nursing
    • Kimora Perry - Pre-Nursing
    • Trinity Phillips - General Studies
    • Ayanna Polite - General Studies
    • Calise Solomon - General Studies
    • Milan Wilcher - Biology/General Studies
    • Fatima Ceesay - General Studies