Pre-Approved Absences Policy

  • Students need to submit a Pre-Approved Absence Form for college visits, important family events, important religious holidays, or non-school academic-related event.

    Important family events does not include vacations.

    Per Fulton County School Board Policy Code JBD:

    “Students/families must formally request for students to be absent for family events or other pre-approved absences.  These requests should be made five school days in advance of the absence.  Schools should create their own procedures to collect and approve requests for absences related to family events and/or other pre-approved absences.  Only the principal or assistant principal(s) can approve these absence requests.

    Before approving these requests, school administration should consider the student’s complete attendance record including excused, unexcused, disciplinary, or other absence types.  The school administration should also consider the student’s academic standing before approving these absences.”

    Please click HERE for a copy of the pre-approved absence form.

    If you have any questions regarding this process, please email