• Withdrawal Process

    Request for Withdrawal Form

    If you are withdrawing your student from Wilson Creek, you must be the parent or legal guardian.  Please contact WCESResidency@fultonschools.org to initiate the withdrawal process. Please include the last day of school, new address, and school if available.  You will need to complete and sign the form electronically through the parent portal.  Please note you must have an active Infinite Campus Account.

    Once the form is electronically completed, please notify WCES Residency to arrange for the collection of outstanding items such as the device, cord/charger, library books and textbooks to continue processing of the withdrawal. 

    If you have additional questions, please call 470-254-0855 or email WCESResidency@fultonschools.org .   

    Thank you and we wish you the best in your new academic setting!