FCS 8th Grader Claims Back-to-Back Spelling Bee Wins

  • Posted 2/14/2023

    Aryan Batchu and Neil Pinnock
    FCS Spelling Bee champion Aryan Batchu with River Trail Middle School Principal Neil Pinnock

    "Niçoise" -- it's a bit of a challenge to say, and for most of us, possibly even more of a challenge to spell -- but not for Aryan Batchu.

    The 8th grader at River Trail Middle School is a back-to-back champ in the Fulton County Schools (FCS) Spelling Bee. Batchu took home the top title last year and again in this year's competition, held in January. This year's winning word was "niçoise.";

    The competition steps up later this month, when Batchu will represent Fulton County Schools in the Georgia Association of Educators Spelling Bee for regions 1-9.

    "River Trail is extremely proud of Aryan's accomplishments in the district spelling bee for two consecutive years," said Principal Neil Pinnock. "Aryan spends endless hours practicing and preparing for the Bees, which reflects his consistent dedication to academics and scholarship."

    Along with his recent wins on the county level, Batchu won third place in the GAE's District Four Spelling Bee in 2020, when he was a student at Wilson Creek Elementary.

    "I started studying for the spelling bee in the 5th grade because I wanted to compete," Batchu said. "I enjoy the competition."