FCS Enhances Student Learning and Cultural Experiences through Fully-Funded Field Trips

  • Posted 1/24/2023

    Due to the recent pandemic, many students haven’t been able to go on school field trips in the last three years. However, Fulton County Schools’ (FCS) new Cultural Kaleidoscope program aims to change this fact by providing every FCS student with enriched, educational learning beyond the classroom through field trips offering authentic experiences and cultural exposure. Cultural Kaleidoscope is a component of the Bridge to Success Plan’s Expanded Programs Initiative.

    Jena Sibille is the Curator of the Fulton County Schools Teaching Museum and Archives, whose mission is to provide enhanced programming for students. This mission includes field trips that are both inside and outside of the teaching museums, as well as content and performers that are sent out to schools. She says she’s excited about the new Cultural Kaleidoscope program because “In the past, students would pay for most field trips through local funds and parental support. However, this is the first time the district is fully funding and supporting a field trip experience for every student.”

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    Sibille also notes that schools can still do their own field trips. However, the Cultural Kaleidoscope program is an additional enhanced experience provided by the district. Funding for admission and transportation to all venues is covered by federal funds under the Bridge to Success Plan. Supporting the Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE), the field trips began in the Fall of 2022. Each grade level from Pre-K through 8 will participate in a field trip experience at a specific venue that’s aligned with what students are currently studying in class. High school students will be provided with a “menu of venues” in which individual teachers may select where they want to take their students.

    For more information on the authentic experiences and innovative instruction for students of all ages at the FCS Teaching Museum and Archives, please watch the following “Let’s Talk Schools” episode with FCS Teaching Museum Curator Jena Sibille, and Teaching Museum Archivist Mike Santrock.