Block Days

  • Block Days typically occur on the second or last week of the month on Tuesdays (Day 1) and Wednesdays (Day 2) but can also be scheduled on alternate dates due to school breaks. They allow for extended time in a classroom. 

    Please do NOT schedule student appointments on these dates. Block days are the once-a-month scheduled times for clubs to meet. When students miss a class they miss double the instruction time. If you do schedule an appointment during a student's virtual period, be sure to submit a morning note to attendance that they will be checking out.

    Block Dates for 2023 - 2024

    August 29th and 30th

    September 26th and 27th

    October 24th and 25th

    November 14th and 15th

    December 5th and 6th

    January 30th and 31st

    February 27th and 28th

    March 19th and 20th

    April 16th and 17th



    Day 1   Day 2

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