Final Assessments and Grades

  • All teachers will give an assessment on the Final Days of the semester –

    • May 16 & 17 for Seniors and
    • May 20 & 22 for all other students (May 21st will be asynchronous).

    All Final assessments will have an in-person component.  Final days Assessments will not be given early.

    The type of assessment is at the teacher's discretion:

    • could be a minor grade (NOT eligible for Recovery); or a major grade (eligible for Recovery).
    • could be a quiz, test, or project.
    • could be cumulative or based on the last unit of the semester.
    • cannot last longer than one class period (52 minutes) regardless of assessment type.
    • should not require the use of a school device which will be collected during the week of May 13-17.

    Regardless of the type of assessment, the assessment will count towards the student's final grade of the semester. Teachers will inform students of the Final Days Assessment format.

    Per county policy, only assessments counted as a Major grade are eligible for Recovery.

    Recovery Days in the final weeks of school (May 20 for seniors/ May 20, 22, and 23 for non-seniors) are for students who need it based on the Final Assessments. All other Recovery should be completed before May 13. For Recovery, students must make an appointment with their teacher and those who fail to show up at these pre-scheduled times will forfeit the opportunity to recover the Final Assessment. Students who do not need Recovery will not be expected to attend during the Recovery times.


    • Final Assessments will not be given early and there are NO exemptions.
    • According to Board policy, there are no preapproved absences in the last two weeks of the semester. Students are expected to be at school until the last day of the semester.
    • If a student is absent for the Final Assessment, a doctor’s note must be provided to make it up.
    • If a student is absent for the Final Assessment, appropriate documentation must be provided, and the student’s administrator must approve.
    • If a student is absent from the Final Assessment, the teacher will calculate the Final Semester grade counting the Final Assessment as a zero. 
    • Senior grades are due at 4 pm on Monday, May 20.
    • Underclassmen grades are due at 4 pm on Friday, May 24.

Week of May 20: End of Second Semester

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Final Pre-approved Absences

  • Pre-approved absences cannot be granted in the final three weeks of each semester.


    The final date for a pre-approved absence is April 30.

    9th - 11th Grade

    The final date for a pre-approved absence is  May 3.

    For more information on Pre-approved absences