Renaissance Middle School Student Honored with Appreciation Day

  • Posted 11/29/2022

    Chandler Flournory


    When the oven in his home caught fire after his sister was cooking, 13-year-old Chandler Flournory sprang into action. The Renaissance Middle School eighth grader carried his 19-year-old sister out of the house to safety and grabbed a fire extinguisher to put out the flames.

    "When my daughter opened the oven, the fire knocked her down," said Yolounda Spencer, Flournory's mother.

    When the flames from the oven knocked his older sister down, he acted quickly.

    "At the young age of 13, I didn't want to trust that Chandler knew how to put out a fire," she said. "He demanded me and my two other daughters to leave the house. I questioned him and when he firmly said 'yes' in a tone that I had never heard from my child, I believed him and left reluctantly."

    After she made sure her daughters were safe, Spencer ran back into the house and found her son had put out the fire without being harmed or injured.

    How did Flournory know what to do?

    "I went to a fire safety and prevention training program this summer at The Lakes of Cedar Grove and read the book provided," Flournory said.

    The training program, called "Fire and Ice," was presented by the City of South Fulton.

    "Once participants completed the fire safety program they received ice cream," Spencer said.

    The city and its fire department saluted Flournory for his heroic and life-saving actions, naming October 28, 2022 "Chandler Flournory Appreciation Day" in the City of South Fulton. Surprised at his school with the proclamation, Flournory, with his family by his side, said "I didn't know what was happening. All my family was there."

    WSB-TV2 chronicled Flournory's actions in a recent news segment. In an interview with WSB-TV reporter Tom Jones, Flournory said, "I know it was scary for my siblings, my mom, because they didn't know what to do."

    When he gets older, Flournory wants to be a firefighter. He and his family were not the only beneficiaries of his heroism.

    "Renaissance will receive additional funding to develop a fire safety and prevention program," said Principal Ava Williams. "We plan to work collaboratively with the fire department to offer fire safety and prevention assemblies at the school to ensure all students, faculty and staff members are prepared in case of a fire at their home."

    In remembering her son's heroism Spencer said, "A true hero isn't measured by the size of his strength, but by the strength of his heart. Chandler has a big heart and he's my hero."