Balanced Scorecard: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Graphical user interface, text, applicationDescription automatically generatedHow do I find out information about my school?

    Select the report you’d like to see. Use the left dropdown to select your school.
    (See image → )


    Why don’t I see a dropdown on a report?

    Some data is only available at the district level.


    On some reports, I’m only able to select one subgroup at a time. Why is this?

    To protect student privacy, users are only able to select one subgroup at a time.


    Why don’t I see my child’s school on the dropdown?

    Charter and other schools are not included in some reports.


    Where is the data for this year on the report?

    Data for the current school year may not show because it is still being collected.


    What are the sources for the data contained in the Balanced Scorecard?

    Multiple data sources are used for reporting results included in the Balanced Scorecard.  These sources include: Infinite Campus (the student information system used by Fulton), Atlas (the business system used by Fulton), Georgia Department of Education, College Board, ACT, Destiny, NWEA Measures of Academic Progress (MAP), and Qualtrics.


    How do I find out more information about the data?

    Click on the  to see information about the data and how it’s calculated.


    How do I navigate the report?

    Click on the  for instructions on navigating the report.


    Where can I find out what the acronyms mean? 

    Click on the  for a list of all the acronyms  


    Who do I contact if I have questions about the information on the Balanced Scorecard?

    Contact us at