Early Conversations in the Garden
  • Fulton County Schools (FCS) is embarking on a new initiative, Early Conversations in the Garden (ECG) to engage Prekindergarten and Kindergarten students in authentic conversations to build vocabulary and oral language skills. Through an adventure at the Atlanta Botanical Garden, students will explore the natural environment and large-scale works of art—a wonderful way to generate creative ideas and genuine dialogue!

    Fulton County Schools is looking for preservice teachers, students in education/arts/museum programs, and community educators to serve as Early Conversation Educators (ECE) for this program. ECEs will lead early conversation tours at the Atlanta Botanical Garden during Spring 2023. Additionally, ECEs are needed to deliver pre-tour sessions to prekindergarten and kindergarten classes prior to their trip to the garden.

What, where, when
  • The Tours: Early Conversations Educators are needed as tour guides for PK and K students at the Atlanta Botanical Garden on Tuesdays—Fridays, March 1st through May 12 from 10 AM to 12:30 PM. ECEs will be paid $100 per touring day and will be responsible for providing their own transportation to the Garden (parking will be provided by the Garden). ECEs can sign up for as many tour dates as are available.

    The Pre-Tour Classroom Sessions: Early Conversation Educators are needed to provide pre-tour sessions to each class prior to their trip to the Garden. ECEs will sign up per school to provide sessions based on the number of PK & K classes. Once signed up for a school, the ECE will contact the lead teacher to schedule the day/times to deliver their sessions to each class. The pre-tour session will run 40-50 minutes per class. As schools have a range of classes, ECEs will be paid by the number of sessions delivered to the school. ECEs are responsible for their own transportation costs.Fulton County Schools has 59 elementary schools -- so, ECEs can sign up for multiple schools/dates. 

    4 sessions = $125

    5 sessions = $150

    6 sessions = $175

    7 sessions = $200

    The Training: ECEs will need to attend 2-3 mandatory trainings during January and February to be trained on Literacy, Oral Language and Vocabulary Development strategies and touring techniques. Specific dates/times/locations will be announced soon. Multiple options will be available to allow for flexible scheduling.

The Who... Is it You?
  • Preservice teachers and students in education/arts programs are invited to apply for this program. All students selected for this program will be required to complete a background check and finger printing through the Fulton County Schools website in addition to attending 2-3 in-person trainings during January and February (multiple dates/times will be offered). Interested students should be available weekday mornings 10 AM—12:30 PM, a minimum of 1 day a week from March 1st to May 12, and be in good standing with your educational institution. Teaching experience is not required.

    If you are interested and want to be considered for this program or want more information, please click the "I'm Interested" link on the right to complete our questionnaire. We are accepting submissions through Jan. 6th and will contact selected students in early January.  Questions? Please email thomask8@fultonschools.org


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