• Tissues
    Paper towels
    Hanging file folders

Health and PE

  • Tissues, tissues, and more tissues
    Clorox wipes
    Expo Markers
    White Board cleaner and rags
    Legal pads/notebooks


  • Facial Tissue (Kleenex)
    Paper towels
    Small, medium, and large latex-free gloves
    Plastic cups
    Plastic disposable mini cups with lids

Social Studies

  • Social studies teachers have requested (ranked more or less in order) the following:

    Tissues/ Kleenex
    Paper towels
    Expo Markers
    Markers/ colored pencils
    Microfiber Clothes
    Whiteboard erasers
    Hand sanitizer
    Lined paper

Special Education

  • Puzzles - 100 pieces
    Board games - gently used
    Baby wipes
    Baby oil
    Uno cards
    Paper towels
    3 mil thermal laminating pouches
    5 mil thermal laminating pouches
    Velcro circles
    White cardstock
    Rollaway bed (twin) with sheets

The Arts

  • General Fine Arts

    Post-it Notes
    Paper clips
    Paper Towels
    Hand sanitizer
    Jugs of Ajax dish soap
    Dry erase markers

    Visual Arts:

    Tupperware containers
    Dress forms / Mannequins
    Working film SLR cameras
    Frames with glass inserts (9x12+ size
    Old Geographic books with vintage imagery
    Cabinet-grade plywood scraps
    Working hair dryers
    Aluminum foil
    Baby food/applesauce pouch twist-off caps
    Gelato containers (Talenti, other hard plastic canisters with twist tops)
    Clean yogurt cups
    Gladware/lunchmeat containers/Tupperware with fitting lids
    Mason jars with clean lids
    Interesting glass bottles (no wine or soda bottles; empty and dry)
    Clean styrofoam egg cartons
    Eyeshadow and make-up pigment palettes (to make paints-can be used/expired)
    Baby oil
    Children's art supplies to repurpose (dried water-based markers, colored pencils, crayons, etc.)
    Patio furniture for our courtyard
    Box fans
    Working power tools
    Extension cords and power strips
    Sewing machines, sewing notions, patterns, large fabric pieces



World Language

  • Color paper
    Binder clips (small ones)
    Pop-up post-it notes
    Color pencils
    Index cards (blank / color)
    Glue sticks
    Expo Whiteboard cleaner
    Red pens
    File folders
    Electric sharpener
    Hole puncher for the classroom
    Tape dispenser
    Paper clips
    Mounting tape
    Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
    Color file folders
    Color pocket folders 
    Desk calendars 
    Color index cards (lined)
    Dry erase markers 
    Acceptable cleaning supplies 
    Permanent markers