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    Election Day | December 6, 2022

    The district has designated Election Day, December 6, 2022, as a remote workday for some staff and digital learning day for students. Due to the anticipated high volume of voters coming onto district properties, all students and selected school-based and central office administrative staff will work remotely to ensure their safety.

    Who will work remotely:

    • Building Teachers
    • Paraprofessionals
    • Professional Assistants
    • Nurses

    Who should report to schools and offices:

    • Principals/Assistant Principals (Coverage determined by principal)
    • All Central Office Staff
    • Custodians
    • School Based Food Nutrition staff
    • Police Officers
    • Campus Security Associates

    Operations Division reports as follows:

    • Bus Drivers and Transportation Assistants – Report to assigned location for org meetings and training
    • Other Transportation Staff – Report to regular assignments
    • Maintenance – Report to regular assignments
    • Operational Planning and Capital Programs - Report to regular assignments
    • Central Nutrition Staff- Report to regular assignments

    This is a student remote day. Students may choose to catch up on learning from home, but they will not be expected to log in for synchronous lessons. Learning will be conducted through asynchronous assignments. 


    • This is an actual workday for those listed above who will work remotely. All applicable full-time and part-time employees are to be available during normal work hours by remote access, phone, email, or on-site to perform needed tasks as assigned or directed by their supervisor. A remote workday is not to be considered vacation, personal time, compensatory time, or any kind of break from the work expectations of your job. Employees are to engage the leave-of-absence process and alert their supervisor if they cannot work or be available.  

    The remote day guidance above does not apply to the following: 

    • Employees on approved short-term leave.  
    • Employees on long-term FMLA/GA Childcare leave or those who have not been authorized to return to work via a medical release; these employees will continue to leverage their existing sick leave quotas and are not expected to be called upon to work.  
    • Staff who are temporary, daily substitutes, or contracted via a third-party. Long-term substitutes may work remotely following the same steps as contracted teachers.

    To ensure continuity of district business and instructional operations, all work that can effectively be performed remotely is to be completed accordingly, in adherence to established deadlines, and in compliance with state and federal reporting requirements.  Supervisors are to meet with their teams to identify potential remote work and plan accordingly. 

    Supervisors are to establish a clear plan regarding work needs during the remote workday. This includes organizing expected work tasks and objectives, assigning task owners, and garnering feedback from the team to ensure task completion.  

    Supervisors are to closely monitor the work hours of any non-exempt (hourly) employee.  During the remote workday, overtime should be limited and pre-approved by the supervisor.

    Employees that work with student information or other sensitive information, such as individual student records, social security numbers, health information or financial information, must take all reasonable steps to protect and secure the confidentiality of that information while working remotely.

    Employees should ensure that all confidential information is returned to the school or workplace upon the resumption of normal operations. Employees should not discard confidential information in garbage or recycle bins at home. 

    Employees who need to discuss confidential issues—such as individual student, employee, or financial matters—while working remotely should ensure that their conversations occur in a private location, free from others that could overhear the conversation.

    Microsoft TEAMS is the official software solution for all employees working remotely in FCS.   

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