Update from Ms. Agans - March 20, 2024

  • Sent to families on March 20, 2024

    End of the School Year Information…and senior failures, oh my! 

    Dear Bears and Bear Families, 

    Although it is March, spring break is only seven days away, and the end of the year will be here before we know it.  So here is important information for you to know about remaining testing and end-of-the-year dates:    

    Spring Break: April 1 - 5 

    Students who are checking out early on Friday, March 29th, must bring a signed parent note to the Attendance Office before school to receive a check-out slip. We will not be accepting email requests for checkouts on that day. Parents who wish to pick up their child who did not send in a note must park in a visitor’s space and come into the building to facilitate check-out. No checkouts will happen past 1:00 pm.  


    Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week: April 8 – 12  

    Please take a moment to send in a thank you note (or a small gift/gift card) to a teacher who has made a difference for your child.  Honestly, a handwritten thank you note or card is treasured by our teachers and staff.  We all know that the hours they put in do not equal the pay they receive, so let’s all make this week extra special for them!   


    EOC Testing: April 22 – 26  

    Students in an End of Course (EOC) class (Algebra I, Biology, 11th Literature, and/or United States History) will be testing this week.  The EOC test is a mandatory test by the state and (except for Algebra – it’s a new test this year) will count for 20% of the spring semester grade.  It is imperative that your child be here on the test day.  More information, including the bell schedule for EOCs, will be posted on our website.  Students who do not have an EOC are not required to be at school during the testing window if they can provide their own transportation.  


    Student Appreciation Week: April 29 – May 3  

    This is a week where we celebrate students!  Every teacher chooses a “VIP” student – this is a student who exemplifies our school theme of Be the BRIDGE (Brave, Respectful, Involved, Determined, Generous, Engaged) in their classroom or in their team/group/club.  VIPs will be celebrated on Wednesday, May 1.  The rest of the week, we will be celebrating students each day with our BRIDGE theme, and students will have the opportunity to win a Pawsitive ticket for snacks and prizes every day.  Going to be a fun week!  


    AP Testing: May 6 – 17  

    AP students will take their College Board tests over these weeks.  These tests can be stressful, so all students who are marked present for an AP test will be marked as “student activity” for the day, meaning they may rest up or study at home in the morning before their afternoon test or leave after their morning testing.  No notes are required.  A reminder that students who do not show up to take a test will be fined $40 per test.  Makeup exams are not given except in extreme circumstances and will require documentation.  


    Device Check-In: May 13 – 17  

    All students will need to return their school-issued devices during this week.  Students need to be aware of this.  The only exceptions will be for students registered for summer school or Fulton Virtual School.  


    Senior Final Assessment Days*: May 16 – 17  

    In order to finalize transcripts for diplomas, seniors will take their final tests on Thursday, May 16 (periods 1, 3, 5) and Friday, May 17 (periods 2, 4, 6).  For those seniors who have an AP exam, makeup days for senior final assessments will be Monday, May 20.  Senior final grades are due on May 20 at 4:00 pm, so any recovery for final assessments will also be done on Monday, May 20.     


    Final Assessment Days and Half-Days for Underclassmen*: May 21 – 23  

    For underclassmen, we will be on a half-day schedule on Tuesday, May 21, Wednesday, May 22, and Thursday, May 23rd.  On Tuesday, students will take final assessments in periods 1, 2, and 3.  On Wednesday, students will take final assessments in periods 4, 5, and 6.  On Thursday, students who need recovery from their final assessments will come in to recover grades; all other students will not be required to attend on this day.  Optional recovery will also be available in the afternoons of May 21 – 22 from 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm for any who can provide their own transportation and do not wish to come in on Thursday, May 23.  More information, including the bell schedule, will be posted on our website.    

    *An in-person, final assessment will be given to every student, in every class.  Teachers may give an assessment in the minor or major grading category.  Reminder that minor assessments are not eligible for recovery.  All makeup work, missing assignments, missing tests, or recovery should be turned in / completed by May 13 .     

    Please remember, Cambridge does not allow pre-approved absences in the last two weeks of the semester (May 13 – 23).    


    Seniors and Senior Parents:  

    Currently, there are 114 (over 25% of our senior class) with one or more failing grades, thus putting them in jeopardy of not graduating (letters will be going out by Friday to all of these parents).  This number does not include virtual numbers, which would make the number much higher.  Parents and seniors, please do not “play chicken” with your graduation.  It is imperative that all seniors and their parents check their grades and get in touch with teachers NOW.  All seniors failing classes needed for graduation on May 20 at 4:00 pm (senior grade deadline) will not be able to walk in Cambridge graduation on May 23.  These seniors will have to enroll in summer classes and graduate with the summer school cohort.    



    I know it is close to Spring Break, and everyone is anxious for sunshine and time off.  We still have a LOT to accomplish before we end the school year.  Students, please reach out to teachers and make sure you are on track.  If there is anything that needs to be made up or turned in late, get it done now (in fact, Spring Break can also be a great time to catch up!).  Parents, attendance, and skipping are at the usual pre-spring break levels…read as HIGH.  Many of the failures are not due to inability but due to not being in class.  Please reiterate the importance of being in EVERY CLASS, EVERY DAY.  Thank you for your support!  Be safe.  Be the BRIDGE.  GO BEARS!  




    Ashley Agans, Proud Principal of Cambridge High School