Message from Ms. Agans - November 30, 2022

  • Email send to Cambridge Families on November 30 at 5:30 pm

    Good afternoon, Cambridge Bears and Cambridge Bear Families,

    As reported in emails earlier today, we went into a hard lockdown due to a suspicious phone call to Milton Police Department.  Today's incident has been identified as "swatting."  Swatting is a false report of an ongoing emergency or threat of violence intended to prompt an immediate tactical law enforcement response.  Several schools across Georgia and even more schools across the country have been victims of swatting recently.  While I am relieved that all is ok, this act still caused anxiety and fear for our students, teachers, staff, and families.  I do want to thank Milton Police, the Fulton County Schools Police, and all our teachers, administrators, and staff who followed through with protocols to ensure that everyone was safe.

    We will continue to debrief the events of the day so we can improve protocols and communication with key stakeholders.  Things to consider moving forward:

    - A soft or hard lockdown is based on the details involved in the incident and is made in the moment.
    - Immediate coordination occurs with Fulton County Schools Police and the appropriate local police force to respond and investigate the incident.
    - As happened today, we will communicate to our community as quickly as we can, but our priority is, and continues to be, the immediate safety of our students and staff.
    - While these real or hoax threats may be scary, it is important that parents only physically report to the school AFTER receiving communication that it is safe to do so.  Arriving before that only complicates matters for the police and school staff as we respond to the situation.

    Again, thank you to Milton Police and Fulton County Schools Police for their quick response, notification, and work to keep Cambridge safe.  We are grateful for their support.  As a reminder, if you ever see or hear something concerning, you can always report it to our Fulton County Schools anonymous tipline at  Students who may need help tonight as they process the event may text for help by texting BEARS to 1-844-201-9946.  Ongoing help or resources for all are also available at  Be safe.  Be the BRIDGE.  GO BEARS! 


    Ashley Agans
    Proud Principal of Cambridge High School

Teacher of the Year Nominations

  • Sent November 18, 2022

    Good evening Bears and Bear Families!

    I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Break and are ready to finish the semester strong!  It's here!  It's the most wonderful time of the year!  It's the time of the year when we nominate teachers for Cambridge Teacher of the Year 2023!  Students, parents, teachers, and staff members are invited to nominate teachers at Cambridge who have made or are making a difference in their lives.  We are looking for teachers who embody "Be the BRIDGE" - BRAVE in their ability to give students ownership in their learning; RESPECTFUL of students, parents, and colleagues; INVOLVED in the school and in the Cambridge community; DETERMINED to make a difference in the lives of our students; GENEROUS with their time to build relationships with students, and ENGAGED in ensuring every child is learning in their classroom.  

    From all of the nominations, three finalists will be selected to interview with a panel of teachers, staff, students, and parents.  From the finalists, one will be chosen to represent Cambridge as Teacher of the Year and will go on to compete at the District level.  All nominations require information on why you believe this teacher should be selected as Cambridge Teacher of the Year.  This nomination information will be shared with our teachers once the process is complete.  All nominations are anonymous.  So, please take time to nominate one (or more!) teachers for this honor.  Each nomination is an opportunity to acknowledge the difference a teacher has made in you or in your child's life.  

    To nominate a teacher, please use this link.  You may use the link multiple times if you wish to nominate multiple teachers.  Thank you for taking the time to recognize Cambridge teachers who are the BRIDGE to you or your child's learning and growth.  Be safe.  Be the BRIDGE.  GO BEARS!


    Ashley Agans

    Proud Principal of Cambridge High School

Thanksgiving, Grades, Attendance, Resources for CHS

  • Sent to Bear Families November 18, 2022


    Good afternoon, Bears and Bear Families!

    It’s finally here – Thanksgiving Break!  Time for us to relax, recharge, and take a moment to show gratitude for our families and friends.  Time to revive and make new traditions.  Time to give thanks for all the opportunities we have been given.  Bears, I encourage you to talk to your family and listen to their stories.  What are their favorite Thanksgiving memories?  Take pictures and write down their stories or take a video.  These are moments you will cherish in the coming years as you grow and move on to start your own family and your own traditions. 

    Speaking of family, the Cambridge Staff family will also be on break next week.  Counselors, teachers, administrators, and staff will get much needed time with their families and friends.  Fulton County Schools is closed November 21 – 25, 2022.  I’ve asked all staff to put on an “out of office” reply and unplug.  I encourage you and your family to do the same.  Enjoy this time together – it’s a whole week of BRIDGE to Family nights!  ;)

    There are a few items I want to share in this email as well.  Below is our 13.5-week progress report data (see below).


    Grade Level

    # of Students Failing 1 or more courses

    Total # of courses failing













    This is very generalized data, but still concerning.  The numbers above only reflect in-person classes; dual enrollment and virtual classes are not reflected in these numbers.  So, while I want you to rest, this holiday week is also a good time to get old work done, makeup assignments turned in, or catch up on studying.  When we come back, it will only be 3 weeks until the last day of the semester.  All makeup work and assignments that are “missing” are due on Friday, December 9th.  All “M” or “missing” assignments will turn into zeroes on December 12th.  Imagine the stress you will save yourself if you get that work done now, turn it in when we return, and then are able to concentrate on the final work and assessments of the semester…this could reduce an enormous amount of anxiety and pressure for all. 

    Also, I want to share our latest attendance numbers (see below).

    Description of Attendance Issue Semester 1, 2022

    Number of Absences

    Whole Day Absences from 8/4/22-11/18/22


    1 or more periods of school missed from 8/4/22 – 11/18/22


    Please keep in mind that performance in classes is directly linked to attendance.  A student cannot learn if they are not here to work with their teachers and peers.  We had many absences today (487).  I know it is the holidays and everyone wants to get a jump on family time and vacations.  However, the failing list reflects our attendance issues.  With learning, EVERY day is important.  Let us remember this as we move into the final three weeks.  Reminder that the last three days of the semester, 12/14, 12/15, and 12/16 are ½ days and recovery only days.  If you do not need to recover anything, you do not have to be on campus.  For those who do need to recover, these three days, 12/14, 12/15, and 12/16 are the ONLY opportunity for recovery.  There are no makeups for recovery, even with excused absences.  Exceptions will only be made for dire situations, such as hospitalization.  Please remember that it is important to be in school, in every class, every day.  Let’s finish strong Bears!

    In other news around attendance, our new Campus Security Associate, Mr. Simmons, joined us this week.  We are happy to welcome him to the Cambridge family!  Mr. Simmons will be doing several things to keep the campus safe, including checking the hallways, perimeter doors, and other high traffic areas for concerning behavior and/or safety concerns.  So far, the immediate issue Mr. Simmons has brought to our attention is the number of students leaving campus without permission during lunches.  He will be monitoring the back gates where students must show their Infinite Campus app schedule before they are able to leave.  Once again, students are NOT allowed to leave campus for lunch. 

    Before I sign off for the holidays, I want to acknowledge that holidays are not easy times for all.  It is a break in routine and can sometimes cause anxiety, fear, and depression.  For some, it causes concern for food, shelter, or care.  As the school will not be open for help, I want you to have resources.  Below is a list of resources for various issues – financial need, food, housing, medical/emotional care, etc.  Please bookmark these and keep them in a place where you can access them if needed.    

    I hope everyone has a wonderful, safe, relaxing Thanksgiving break.  I am so thankful and proud to be a part of the Cambridge community.  Be safe.  Be the BRIDGE.  GO BEARS!  A²


    Ashley Agans

    Proud Principal of Cambridge High School


    Help for all:

    ConnectFulton is now live.  This website provides resources for all types of emergencies or issues including food, medical help, housing, transit, care, money, etc.  All you do is type in your zip code and choose the category of help you need.  It is a wonderful resource for the entire Fulton County area. 

    Emergency Mental Health Resources:

    The following facilities provide 24-hour assistance and have shared with the District that they will complete emergency assessments at no cost. If your child already receives support from a mental health provider, you may wish to make contact with that professional first. You may also want to check with your insurance company regarding mental/behavioral health coverage. Please note that the District does not endorse any provider, makes no representations as to the effectiveness of these providers, and makes this information available only as a helpful resource.

    North Fulton

    South Fulton

    Wellstar North Fulton Regional Hospital Emergency Room

    3000 Hospital Boulevard

    Roswell, GA 30076


    Anchor Hospital

    5454 Yorktown Drive

    College Park, GA 30349


    Peachford Psychiatric Hospital

    2151 Peachford Road

    Atlanta, GA 30338

    770-454-2302 or 770-455-3200

    Grady Hospital Psychiatric Emergency Clinic

    80 Jesse Hill, Jr. Drive

    Atlanta, GA 30303


    Ridgeview Institute

    3995 South Cobb Drive, SE

    Smyrna, GA 30080

    770- 434-4567

    Riverwoods Behavioral Health (adolescents and adults)

    233 Medical Center Drive

    Riverdale, GA 30274



    Get 24/7 Texting help from a licensed mental health professional through text. Text BEARS to 1-844-201-9946

    Nationwide Hotlines

    1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433)

     Georgia Crisis and Access Line

    (Behavioral Health Link – Single Point of Entry) 75 Piedmont Ave., NE Ste. 256 Atlanta, GA 30303 1-800-715-4225

    Fulton County Department of Mental Health

    Emergency Mental Health Services Hotline


    Safe Place

    Teens text the word SAFE and your location to 4HELP (44357) for immediate help

    National Domestic Violence Hotline


    The Trevor Project

    LGBTQ Crisis Hotline Call 1-866-488-7386

    Summit Counseling (Fulton County School partner in providing counseling to students but not available 24/7)

    Call 678-893-5300 to schedule an appointment for crisis evaluation and therapy

Welcome, Dr. Rebecca Myers

  • Sent to Bear families on Friday, November 4, 2022 

    Good morning, Bears and Bear Families,

    Please join me in welcoming our new Assistant Principal, Dr. Rebecca Myers!

    Dr. Myers is a Marietta, Georgia, native who graduated from Lassiter High School. She received her bachelor's degree from the University of Massachusetts in Kinesiology, where she was fortunate to play soccer. After UMass, she coached division one collegiate soccer for six years, obtained her master's degree from UMass in Educational Administration, and then began her career in education. Dr. Myers has taught high school Biology in Massachusetts and eighth-grade science in North Carolina, where she was selected as a teacher of the year district finalist. In 2013, Dr. Myers moved back to Georgia, where she taught eighth-grade science at Autrey Mill Middle School and graduated with a Specialist in Educational Leadership from Kennesaw State University.

    In 2015, Dr. Myers started her journey in Educational Administration by joining the Holcomb Bridge Middle School team as their Administrative Assistant. At Holcomb Bridge Middle School, Dr. Myers was named the Fulton County Schools Professional of the Year. In 2018, Dr. Myers graduated with her Doctorate from Kennesaw State University in Educational Leadership and worked as an Assistant Principal for Haynes Bridge Middle School.  For the past 2.5 years, Dr. Myers has worked as an Assistant Principal at Johns Creek High School. We are thrilled to have Dr. Myers join our team! December 5th will be her official start date. Welcome to Bear Country, Dr. Myers! GO BEARS!


    Ashley Agans

    Proud Principal of Cambridge High School

    Stay safe.  Be the BRIDGE.  GO BEARS!

School Safety - Update from Ms. Agans - 10.24.22

  • Sent to families on October 24, 2022

    Good afternoon, Bears and Bear Families,

    As we struggle to process another school shooting, this time in St. Louis, I feel the need to ask for your help with security.  Starting today we are requiring all students to wear their Student ID or have it visible, when on campus.  This allows us to easily identify strangers or people who should not be in the building. 

    On another front, administrators will begin combing through the attendance report to pull in students who are missing multiple days of school or multiple days of the same period of school.  Many of these students are leaving campus in the middle of the day and then returning.  While I am concerned about instruction, as I said in the video that went out on Friday, I am also concerned about student safety.  Once a student walks off campus, we do not know if they are safe.

    In addition, there have been many concerns raised about the number of deliveries being made to campus.  Today, I stood outside the front of our building during lunches.  I was happy to meet and greet parents who dropped off lunch or supplies for their students.  I also met 10 different Uber and Door Dash delivery drivers, who came onto campus in the 90-minute time frame that I was present.  I have told students all year that Uber and Door Dash deliveries are not allowed on campus.  For me, this is a safety issue.  10 different strangers came onto campus, walked right up to our front doors.  Some of the drivers were waiting for the student to come out and meet them.  This is not safe.  Per page 27 of the Cambridge High School Student and Parent Handbook, everything that was delivered was confiscated.  For the students who came to the front office to ask for their food, I offered to comp them a school lunch – I do not want students to go hungry.  However, I cannot allow strangers onto campus. 

    Students, parents, and community, I am asking for your help.  We have many conveniences and options available to us.  However, my ultimate concern in exercising these options is safety.  We have installed a back doorbell (thank you SGC!) so that students can safely enter the building from the front or the back of the building while we keep all other doors and access points securely locked and closed.  I ask for your help in reminding students to wear and have their Student ID with them.  I ask you to talk to your student about their attendance and leaving campus.  Finally, talk to your students about Uber and Door Dash.  While these are great services, these drivers are still strangers and should not be on our campus. 

    I know you join me in sending positive and healing thoughts to Central Visual and Performing Arts High School and to the St. Louis community.  We are all heartbroken for these families.  Let us all work together, as a community, to be safe.  Be the BRIDGE.  GO BEARS!


    Ashley Agans

    Proud Principal of Cambridge High School

Grades and Attendance - Update from Ms. Agans 10.21.22

  • A video presentation of this message was sent to parents on 10.21.22.

    Video Presentation

    Dear Cambridge Bears and Bear Families,

    We are now ending the 10th week of school – only eight weeks to go (and one of those is Thanksgiving Week with no school!)!  The semester is FLYING by!  I’ve spent the last week looking at failure data from our 9-week grade report.  Not a fun thing to discuss, but necessary if we want to support every child to succeed.  Did I mention our Class of 2022 graduation rate was 98.1?!!  Best in the district?!!  We want to keep and raise that number, but we also want to make sure we are focused on student learning and progress.  We can’t do that alone; time to discuss where we are so that we move forward in a positive direction.  So, our current failure numbers are:

    Cambridge 9-Week Failure Data

    Number of Students   

    Number of Classes these   
    Students are Failing

    Learning Environment  
    of Failing Class

    Grade Level of Students  
    in Failing Class(es)



    Fulton Virtual School




    Georgia Virtual




    Georgia Virtual




    Face to Face




    Face to Face




    Face to Face




    Face to Face



    So, let’s talk about Virtual.  Fulton Virtual is highly flexible with allowing students to makeup work and work at their own pace.  Unfortunately, many of our students do not have the organizational or time management skills to deal with this lack of routine.  It leads to multiple students getting behind and ultimately failing virtual courses because they are too far behind to fulfill all requirements and pass the class.  If your child is taking a virtual course, it’s time to check in with your student and their virtual teacher to ensure your student is on-track and capable of getting the work done to pass the class by December.  Freshman parents, remember that in high school, each semester grade is a stand-alone grade and credit on your child’s transcript.  Students do not have spring semester to raise grades, they only have until December.  Reminder to all that we have a new grading policy – Recovery must be requested before the next unit test.  It is imperative that recovery be done in the moment.  Some teachers are reporting that they are telling students and parents about recovery options and students are not taking advantage of this opportunity.  Please make sure you take advantage of every opportunity to pass a class.

    To truly talk about face-to-face numbers, we need to talk about attendance.

    Cambridge 9 Week Attendance Data

    Number of Students who have missed 5 or more days this semester 

    236 students

    9th Graders missing 5 or more days this semester

    42 freshman

    10th Graders missing 5 or more days this semester

    48 sophomores

    11th Graders missing 5 or more days this semester

    74 juniors

    12th Graders missing 5 or more days this semester

    72 seniors

    Number of Students who have missed 10 or more days this semester

    63 students

    Number of students who have missed 5 or more days of the same class period

    1,251 students

    A student’s ability to learn material is significantly impacted when the student is not in class.  Whether the absence is excused or unexcused, the student is still not here in the building to learn, and this impacts grades*.  I just want to remind students and parents, of the importance of being in school, every day.  Teachers are struggling to keep up with grading makeup work and assessments, as well as, offering help sessions for those who have missed class to get students back on track; and students are struggling with learning concepts due to attendance.

    Bears, this is the time to check Infinite Campus.  Any missing assignments?  Tests to make up?  What does attendance look like?  If you are concerned about a class, whether for grades or attendance, reach out to the teacher immediately.  We are still in the part of the semester when we can work on getting students back on track.  Students, you are responsible for your grades.  Be DETERMINED to BRAVELY and RESPECTFULLY advocate for yourself.  Time to get INVOLVED in your own success.  Parents, it’s time to get ENGAGED in your student’s progress by asking questions and offering support.  Students, be GENEROUS with your time to talk with your parents and teachers about what you need and Be the BRIDGE to your future. 

    For questions or concerns, please reach out to teachers for support.  Counselors and administration are here to support, but the best information on what is happening with a grade or progress in a class is the teacher.  I hope this information is a starting point for a great family conversation.  I will further discuss these numbers, as well as other common student issues we are seeing at Cambridge in our next BRIDGE to Community meeting on Monday, October 24th at 5:30 pm in the Cambridge Auditorium.  I look forward to further discussion on ways we can work together, as a community, to help our students BRIDGE to their best selves.  Be safe.  Be the BRIDGE.  GO BEARS!


    Ashley Agans

    Proud Principal of Cambridge High School


Junior Planning Meetings - To Junior Families

  • Sent Wednesday, October 19, 2022 to Juniors and Junior Families

    Good afternoon, Class of 2024 Bears and Bear Families! 

    It is that time!  Time to sign up for Junior Meetings!  Junior Meetings are critical to ensuring students are on track for graduation and ready for senior year.  Please read through this email in its entirety and schedule your appointment quickly.  Appointments will start this month and only run through January – get your appointment ASAP!  

    During the Junior Meeting, you and your student will meet with your counselor to discuss final course selections for senior year and graduation status.  Each junior can sign up for one 30-minute session with their counselor.  Students will meet in person, and parents and Guardians will be invited to attend via Teams.  

    Tasks to complete to sign up for your Junior Meeting: 

    1. Please watch the 20-minute video – A Guide to the Next Step, with your Junior. This presentation covers graduation credit and class requirements, Naviance, dual enrollment, GA Futures and HOPE scholarship information, and some general information on college requirements – all of the information you need to prepare for senior year.  It will help you understand requirements and be prepared with questions so that you can actively participate in your Junior Meeting. 
    2. Juniors must also complete the Junior Survey and a Bridge Bill task in Naviance. Please complete these tasks prior to scheduling your Junior Meeting.  You will also be asked to pick your top three colleges of interest.  The information in these tasks will help drive the conversation in discussing your post-graduation journey.  Directions for completing the Naviance action items can be found in the Naviance for Juniors.

     Done?  Once the tasks above are done, you are clear to schedule your meeting!  Use the link below to schedule your Junior Meeting (reminder that Counselor assignment is by student last name): 

    Amey Rishel: A-Fen

    Jennifer Evans: Fer-L

    Fran Meredith: M-Sal

    Samiah Garcia: Sam-Z

    Get excited, Class of 2024!  This year is going to go fast – get your Junior Meeting scheduled so you can relax and enjoy senior year!  Be safe.  Be the BRIDGE.  GO BEARS!



    Ashley Agans

    Proud Principal of Cambridge High School