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    September 2022

    Drumroll please…
    Introducing... "The Educator!"

    Welcome to the inaugural issue of "The Educator," Fulton County Schools' newsletter for employees. This twice-a-month e-newsletter will feature stories highlighting district-wide campaign initiatives, upcoming FCS events, profiles of different employees, dates to remember, as well as employee perks and resources.

    Why call this publication "The Educator?" First, the term "educator" describes those who have an educational impact on students. While educators are often classroom teachers, this role also extends to other staff members who work with others to impart new skills and knowledge. Second, this publication itself is an "educator." It educates on issues affecting Fulton County Schools employees.

    While the newsletter's goal is to be informational, we also recognize that employees are real people with real stories to share. You will find personal features such as "Student To Staff" (employees who were once FCS students or graduates), "A Family Affair" (family members who all work for FCS), "Trailblazers" (those employed with FCS for many years), and even "Pet Friendly" (personal photos with furry friends). If you have a story for one of these suggested themes, please submit and we will include it in future issues.

    Dates to Remember

    National Hispanic Heritage Month

    National Hispanic Heritage Month:
    September 15 – October 15

    In September and October we celebrate the histories, cultures, and contributions of American citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America.

    to share employee-related stories, flyers of upcoming events, themed employee photos, factual tidbits, and resourceful employee information that would be helpful to all FCS employees.

    Inside FCS

    Cindy Stroud

    From Student To Staff

    Cindy A. Stroud is a 2009 graduate of Tri-Cities High School and now a social worker and homeless liaison for Fulton County Schools. Ms. Stroud completed her bachelor’s degree in communications in 2013 from Georgia State University and her masters in social work in 2017. She began working for FCS in 2021.

    Some of her hobbies include being the audio technician for her church, playing baseball, and attending concerts and comedy shows. She models her life by the quote, “Live the change you want to see. If you change nothing, nothing will change.”


    The first FCS diplomas were handed out in 1898 – 27 years after the district was founded. For the most part, these were given to 7th graders because that was the highest grade at that time. To find out more about the 150-year history of FCS, check out the Sesquicentennial Video Series on the FCS-TV YouTube channel.

    Focus FCS

    Suicide Awareness & Prevention Month
    observed in September

    September is when Suicide Awareness and Prevention is nationally observed. The FCS Office of Student Supports recognized Suicide Prevention Week with a campaign to inform FCS middle and high schools about suicide prevention and the warning signs of suicide. This year’s Yellow Ribbon campaign is “Stay Connected” with the focus of A. C. T. (Acknowledge, Care, Tell). For more information, click here.

    Stay Connected

    First FCS Chess Champion is crowned

    The Fulton C.A.R.E.S. Charitable Sports program successfully held its first event of the year with an inaugural chess tournament. Chess is a complex game of strategy and precise concentration, and the event drew a room full of champion thinkers and strategists. This year’s winners are:

    • Mohamed Atwa, FCS Financial Services — 1st place
    • Kevin Cooke, Webb Bridge Middle School — 2nd place

    Mohamed Atwa
    Mohamed Atwa (left)

    Kevin Cooke
    Kevin Cooke (left)

    "Let's Talk Schools!" debuts second season

    The first seven episodes of Superintendent Dr. Mike Looney’s interview program, “Let’s Talk Schools,” are now online. Every episode includes valuable information coming directly from district experts on issues such as school safety, athletics, redistricting, and more. Watch all the episodes now.

    Let's Talk Schools

    Employee Perks!

    Family First Credit Union is offering Signature Loans to all first-year FCS Employees

    For more information, click here!

    Fulton County Schools Night with the Atlanta Hawks

    Click here for tickets.

    Cirque Du Soleil- Kurios
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