Fulton County Marching Band Exhibition

  • Posted 09/22/2022



    Walking into the Westlake High School stadium on a beautiful Saturday evening, the rising sounds of trumpets, sousaphones, and drums previewed the excitement visitors would soon see in action at the annual Fulton County Schools Marching Band Exhibition. While in other parts of the country fall brings crisp air along with the sounds of marching bands, in Georgia it was more of the typical late-summer, warm day we see to begin the season of Friday night lights. At half times across the district, crowds will cheer for the high-stepping drum majors, well-orchestrated music, and the infectious beat of a drumline as they wait for the cooler temperatures to arrive.

    Students from 15 Fulton County high schools came together to execute the programs they will perform for this year's football games and band competition season. For over two hours, each band took the field to show off their colorful uniforms and intricately choreographed movements.

    All the iconic images of student musicians, dancers, and color guards came to life with every school demonstrating their skills and creativity on the field. The energy on display in the artistic expression of the students was only matched by the enthusiasm of the fans.

    The event brings together a variety of unique styles into one sensational string of performances. Students have the opportunity to see their intra-district peers and learn from the different shows, which helps them to learn and use the experience to improve for future presentations. With so much fun and excitement, it is easy for kids and parents alike to forget the event is actually an extension of their education in the arts.

    Starting the school year with the exposure to other bands and a first-hand experience in competition is a huge lift for the district's programs. We are grateful to the hosts at Westlake High School and all parents who support their students and schools' programs. Good luck to all bands and students as they continue throughout the season.