FCS Language Assistance Plan

  • Fulton County School District is committed to providing language assistance to limited English proficient parents, guardians and the general public to ensure meaningful access to any meeting, whether virtual or in-person, organized by the District’s Central Office.  When a Central Office employee plans a meeting, they should request any necessary language assistance services through this link: FCS Interpreter Translation Request.

    These services include interpreter services for the meeting itself and any translation services needed for written materials, meeting notifications, or other information that may be communicated via PowerPoint, TEAMS, or other platform. Translation of written materials take a minimum of one business day and may take up to five business days depending on the length of the document and the language requested.  Any translation or interpretation requests should be submitted at least 72 hours before a meeting hosted by the Central Office. Any request sent less than 72 hours in advance of the meeting should be sent directly to Mayte Lara.

    Mayte Lara

    The District will train all Central Office leaders and staff to ensure they understand:

    1. notifications for any meeting hosted by the Central Office must be provided to parents, guardians, and the public in a language they understand;

    2. the meeting itself must be presented in a language that parents, guardians and the public can understand; and

    3. any written materials must be provided in a language that the parents, guardians, and public can understand. 


    Leaders and staff will be trained on the process for requesting language services. This training will be developed and implemented by the Department of Student Services and the Department of Communications. Leaders and staff will be trained on using the above referenced link to request language assistance services. In the case of a last-minute request, leaders and staff will be trained to contact Ms. Jackson directly, as noted above.

    The District will also train all Central Office leaders and staff on how to utilize technology-based translation tools such as Microsoft Translator and Power Point Live Translation.  Resources on these tools are currently available at: https://www.fultonschools.org/LanguageAssistanceServices. The District will work to house all information, training, tools and request process information in one comprehensive Language Assistance site on the District webpage.

    The District will notify parents, guardians, and the general public regarding the availability of language assistance services at meetings organized or hosted by the Central Office and the process for requesting these services. Once OCR approves the District's Language Assistance Plan, the District will post the notice on its website and will ask school principals, Title I Parent Liaisons, and Bilingual Parent Liaisons to send this notice directly to their parent community. This communication will clearly explain that all meetings organized by the Central Office will be offered in languages that parents, guardians and the public can understand and will also outline the process for requesting language assistance services for any meeting hosted by the Central Office.

    Download a PDF document of this plan in English.