• Students may take a variety of courses with the DE program. Students and parents must consider the following when selecting DE courses:
    1. Am I satisfying my Fulton County Schools requirements for graduation? DE students must satisfy the FCS requirements for graduation.
    2. Have I met the high school and college prerequisites for the course? Many college courses have prerequisites. You may not take courses out of sequence or jump ahead in the curriculum. If you have taken an AP class in order to satisfy a prerequisite, then you must send your AP scores to the college and they do the approval for you to take the higher level course.
    3. Does the selected day and time for the college course fit with my Alpharetta High School schedule? DE courses need to be scheduled at times that allow the student to successfully complete their Alpharetta High School courses.
    4. Do I have enough classes/credit hours for the semester? Full- time DE students must take a minimum 4 courses totaling at least 12 semester hours at the college. Part-time DE students must take a combination of 6 courses between the high school and the college.
    5. Is this a manageable workload for me? When registering for DE courses, students and parents should consider if the student is able to balance this schedule with any additional extracurricular commitments, work, etc.

    6. Is the course approved for DE funding? Approved courses can be located in the DE Course Directory: DE Course Directory The directory is ever changing- always check the directory before selecting courses.  If the class is not in the directory, it is not a funded course.  Identify which subject areas the student is interested in taking college coursework in, and then determine if there is a DE course that qualifies as the equivalent of the high school course required for graduation and/or as an elective.

      **Effective Summer 2020 only academic and CTAE (career, technical, and agricultural education) classes will be funded.