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    Safety is everyone’s responsibility.
    A safe learning environment is critical for effective teaching and learning.
    When students and staff are not distracted or worried about safety, they are in a better mindset to keep their attention on educational goals.

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  • Our Safety Commitment

    Fulton County Schools is committed to providing safe and secure learning environments and will continue to PREPARE our PEOPLE with the TOOLS to reinforce safety in our schools.
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    Our FCS School Police Department and security personnel are professional, prepared and growing. The district has expanded its police force to provide increased school presence and patrols. More Campus Security Associates (CSAs) are being added to monitor school entrances, parking lots, hallways and video surveillance systems.

    School personnel are stepping up their activities with more awareness and more commitment to safety measures. For example, front office staff require all campus visitors to register into our RAPTOR visitor management system upon entry, which screens everyone through a national criminal database; district staff are required to always wear their employee ID badges; and all employees have access to a mobile emergency notification system.

    Expanded community partnerships with municipal police forces, through an effort of a joint Youth and School Safety Coalition, will increase coordination and law enforcement officer presence at school campuses.

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     Our TOOLS

    Assist & alert our people


    Fulton County Schools has led the way in the use of school safety technology with Avigilon security camera systems and the communications tool CrisisGo that is on every school leader’s and staff member’s cell phone. The Centegix Crisis Alert System allows teachers and staff to activate an emergency alert using a special wearable badge.


    Flock Safety cameras check vehicle license plates for unlawful campus visitors and alarms on all exterior doors alert on-campus staff to opened doors that should be locked and secured during business operations.


    The FCS Safety & Security team also uses online monitoring technology to review social media platforms for activity and threats.


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    Our PREPARatiON

    createS READINESS & responSE

    The school system's anonymous S.H.A.R.E. Tip Line (See It. Hear It. And Report It Every Time.) enables students, staff and the community to report school threats, weapons, violence or other school safety suspicions or concerns.

    Our proactive Threat Assessment Protocol provides explicit guidance for school administrators to engage students who exhibit signs of concern.

    Quarterly safety drills at schools prepare students and staff to respond appropriately. FCS will add “Run. Hide. Fight.” training for staff and students in case of a man-made emergency or active shooter situation, utilizing age-appropriate content and strategies.