College and Career Planning: Class of 2023

  • As students begin their senior year, we strongly encourage them to visit Naviance to research and plan for college, explore careers, and find scholarships. Naviance is a college and career software available to all Fulton County Schools. Naviance can be accessed through ClassLink

    For students planning to attend college, Naviance Student will also be used to request and process transcripts, letters of recommendation, and other college application documents. After a student completes his/her research and compiles a list of colleges they are applying to in Naviance, students will need to become familiar with the different platforms colleges use to have students apply. These platforms include:

    If using * Common Application to apply to college, students will need to:

    1. Create a Common App account.
    2. Match Common App accounts to Naviance. This can only be done on or after August 1.
    3. Do not request counselor or teacher recommendations until after matching accounts on or after August 1. *

    * Note: Making counselor or teacher recommendation requests before August 1 will create issues with processing a college application. Therefore, do not make any requests before August 1 once you match your Common App account to Naviance.

    Please view these videos in preparation for the college application process:

    To help guide seniors with the college application process, use the College Application Timeline and Checklist. We hope seniors find these resources helpful.

    Students interested in going into the workforce, military, or desire to explore other options outside of college should contact their Cambridge Counselor. We are eager to help you develop a plan!

Post-Secondary Plans Survey

  • Seniors are required to complete the Post-Secondary Plan Survey assigned to them in their Naviance account. The task can be found under "Important To-Dos and Tasks."



Senior Information Survey Procedures

  • All seniors looking to apply to college need to complete and submit the Senior Information Survey in Naviance. The survey is found under "Planner" in Naviance, and select "Tasks" and "Senior Information Survey 2022-23." Please provide as much detail as you can.  Counselors require a minimum of ten (10) school/business days advance notice to write a letter of recommendation or complete a school form. Letters will be written in order of students’ upcoming application deadlines. Please note your first application deadline and specify schools with rolling admission practices in your Senior Information Survey.


Parent Response Procedures

  • Parents are encouraged to fill out the Parent Response Form to help counselors and teachers get a full picture of their seniors to facilitate writing a letter of recommendation. Please email the completed form to your student's counselor.  

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