Online Course Options

  • Students can take up to 3 online courses each fall and spring term. All classes have to be pre-approved by the pre-registration deadline (March 2022 for fall and spring 2022-23). An "Online Course Request Form" has to be filled out by each student and turned in to the school counselor by the stated deadline. All online classes have to be approved by the counselor.



    1. Students and parents/guardians pick the classes they want to take by looking at both FVS and GAVS class offerings. 

    2. Student and parent/guardian completes the Online Course Request Form and submit it to counselor by the stated deadline.

    3. Student goes to the FVS or GAVS registration site to register for the approved course.

    4. Counselor formally approves the course in the FVS or GAVS portal. 

    5. Students logs into the site for FVS or GAVS to begin the course on the start date for the class.



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