• Community School - Lead

    Community School Lead is responsible for leading, directing, analyzing and monitoring processes and procedures. Establishing and maintaining partnership programs for the center. This role supports the School Principal and Executive Director of Office of Student Supports with the management and coordination of the Community School by providing effective leadership, innovation and guidance in the operations of the center. This role serves as the center's ambassador and works with all stakeholders to create a common vision that best positions the center for success and support in their community.


    Community School - School Social Worker

    Community School Social Worker acts as a liaison between the school zone and the community to implement and support center programming. School social worker assists in the development of community partnerships to provide support services, resources, and student/family programs aligned to meet school community needs. Social worker is responsible for managing community partnerships, developing and implementing community-based events, coordinating student and parent educational groups, and facilitating connections to support and resources to meet both individual and community needs.  


    Job Priorities

    • Developing a full-service whole child model school from start to finish
    • Collecting and analyzing data to identify needs
    • Build capacity and sustainability of school leaders to deliver whole child services and supports to students and educators in a responsive and relevant way
    • Professional learning opportunities
    • Wraparound job-alikes
    • Community resource and partnership development


    SAFE Center Lead Skills

    • Ability to develop leadership teams
    • Outgoing People Person
    • Entrepreneurial Self-Starter
    • Leadership Capabilities
    • Oral & Written Communication Skills
    • Detail Oriented
    • Big Picture Thinking
    • Computer Literacy
    • Basic Data Analysis Skills
    • Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills