Returning FAVE Scholars
    Current 8th-11th Graders

    FAVE High School parents and students will have one round to review their scholar's course requests prior to final schedule preparation.

    This is the final round of course verification for FAVE families returning next school year. A form should only be completed for this round if changes are needed. The portal will be turned off on Thursday, April 11rth. No other changes will be reviewed until the first 10 days of school. Schedule changes during the first 10 days of school are only honored if space permits. 


    Step 1: View your student's course requests in Infinite Campus

    Step 2: Complete the Course Request Verification Form


    FAVE Course Offerings for 2023-2024


    What should you look for when reviewing these requests?:

    • Are your student’s courses for 2023-2024 correct?
    • Is your student registered in all 4 core classes?
    • Is their Honors or AP course placement correct?
    • Are your student’s honors courses correct?
    • Is your student enrolled in a course they previously passed and earned credit for?
    • They are scheduled in 6 full year-long classes or 12 half-credits. Seniors may see a reduced schedule course if they were approved.

    GAVS Course Requests: Students with a GAVS course listed will still need to register for their classes via the GAVS website. Having it in the requests does not mean they are enrolled.

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