Summer School Options

  • Summer School is available for Remediation and Acceleration through face to face summer course at Innovation Academy or through Fulton Virtual online. See details on all options available for students.

    Important Note for those opting not to attend Face-to-face summer school or Fulton Virtual for a failed EOC Course 

      • If a student has failed an EOC course (EOC Courses are Algebra 1, Biology, 11th Grade Literature (American Lit.), US History) either first or second semester or both terms, they are required to attend summer school face to face or through Fulton Virtual. If a family chooses not to attend, then an Opt Out Form has to be completed online by visiting the Summer School Registration Site and following the directions listed below:
  • Fulton Virtual School

    Fulton Virtual will offer summer classes from June 1-July 13.

    For Summer School 2022, students who have previously failed a course and/or failed an EOC can retake the course for free through Face-to-Face Summer School or Fulton Virtual School. Students may take up to two credits at no cost. Students who choose to accelerate through Fulton Virtual School during the summer will require tuition.

    To register:, Log In to Classlink, Click on the Genius-Fulton Virtual Icon, and click “Request Course”

    Once a course request has been created, an email is sent to the student’s home school for review by the counseling staff. The review and approval process takes about two weeks.  If it is approved, a follow-up email is sent to the parent/student requesting that they log back in to to pay for their courses (if applicable).

    Each 0.5 credit class requires about 3 hours of work daily. Students need to meet the following benchmarks by the following dates to not be dropped from the course.

    Completion Benchmarks:

    33% complete   6/15, 11:59 pm

    50% complete   6/22, 11:59 pm

    66% complete   6/29, 11:59 pm


    For details and course listings please visit:

  • Summer School Face to Face


    Session dates: Face-to-Face Summer Learning from June 8 - July 8. 

    Hours: 8:20 a.m. - 12:20 p.m.

    Location: Innovation Academy (all Cambridge students attend this site)

    Register by clicking: HERE

    For full details, please visit:

    Summer School Page

    For summer 2022, students who have previously failed a course have the opportunity to retake the course for free

    through Fulton Virtual School or via Face to Face Summer Learning.

    Students may take up to two credits at no cost.

    The following courses are available for students in a face-to-face summer learning session:

      • Ninth Grade Lit/Comp
      • Tenth Grade Lit/Comp
      • 11th American Lit/Comp * (EOC Course)
      • Algebra I *  (EOC Course)
      • Geometry
      • Algebra II
      • Biology * (EOC Course)
      • Environmental Science
      • U.S. History * (EOC Course)

    * EOC Courses