Internship & Directed Studies Course Options

  •  Internships with Companies & Organizations

    Students have the opportunity to take a HireMe preparation course for one semester and then students will have the opportunity to engage in a real world internship option in another semester. 

    Application required. Due by 04/25/2023

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    • Sophomores may complete the “Hire Me” course during their 10th grade year.
    • However, they may not complete the TAG Career internship until their junior year.

    Juniors and Seniors only

    • Requires approval of TAG Teacher
    • TAG “Hire Me” course for Semester 1 and Internship for semester 2.
    • Hire Me course is a semester-long course that prepares students for internships and career. It teaches students all about professionalism in the workplace and helps them explore their career interests. It is a prerequisite course for Internship.

    This course provides an on-site, mentor study opportunity for TAG students with a career interest in fields such as accounting, advertising, architecture, banking, engineering, journalism, law, medicine, Veterinary medicine, etc. Students are placed with a professional in their field of choice to earn course credit. Students are enrolled in an internship class typically 1st or 6th period. Students must have their own transportation to job sites. TAG internships are unpaid.


    Directed Studies: Study a course of your choice

    TAG Juniors and Seniors Only

    Application required. Due by 4/25/2023

    This is a one/two semester elective course with a numerical grade. Students who want to independently pursue a course of study that either could not be fitted into their schedule or is not offered in the school curriculum can undertake the Independent Study elective. In this course students design their own course objectives, methods and assessment and develop a learning contract with the guidance of the teacher. This course requires that students be self -motivated, capable of time management and possess self-regulatory skills to be able to successfully complete the course of study. 

Internship and Directed Studies
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