Rising 10th-12th Grade Elective Sheet

  • Rising 10th-12th Grade (current FAVE 9th-11th Grade) students will have the option to select 2 elective options for the 2022-2023 school year. 

    -Teachers will make core course recommendations. Students will be able to review these options on March 15th when you receive your Course Verification Form.
    -Click below to view FAVE's Course Offerings for rising 10th-12th Grade Students.
    -Students who will return to their zoned school should still complete this form. 
    -All courses should be selected with the guidance of your parents. 

    Key Points to Remember:

    • This form must be completed by February 28th.
    • No changes will be made after the course verification process. 
    • These are course requests only. Requests  and placement in courses may be subject to change due to graduation requirements, course changes, and availability. Requests do not guarantee placement in a course.
    •  Class/teacher assignments for the upcoming school year are based on the courses you request. Therefore, please choose your courses carefully.

    Once you have reviewed the Course Catalog, students, please complete  all boxes in the form below with your parents/guardian. Select one area of interest from each elective choice box. Elective Choice #1 is the class you are most interested in. Elective Choice #3 is the class you are least interested in.

    By completing this form, you are indicating that these are the courses that you would like for the coming year. Change requests at the start of the year will only be granted as available. Some choices will not be able to be changed. 

    This form may only be completed once.