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  • August 2023 Agenda


    Date: 8/29/2023 

    Time: 9:00 am 

    Facilitators: Dr. Taylor Barton 

    In Attendance 

    Dr. Taylor Barton, Principal | Ms. Anatavia Benson, Parent (Vice-Chair)| |Ms. Shanna Richardson, Teacher | Ms. Jennifer Winklmann , Appointed Staff| Ms. Cicily Pearson, Appointed Staff (Parliamentarian) |  Marcy Morantz Parent| Andy Qu, Student| Ahmira Young, Student |Marcy Morantz, Parent 


    Call to Order 

    • The meeting was called to order at 9:03 am 

    Action Item: Approve Agenda 

    • The agenda for the August meeting was approved 

    Action Item: Approve May Meeting Minutes 

    • The minutes from the May meeting were read and approved 


    Member Introductions and Confirmation of  

    • Anatavia Benson (parent) 
    • Shanna Richardson (teacher) 
    • Marcy Morantz (parent) 
    • Andy Qu (student) 
    • Ahmira Young (student) 
    • Cicily Pearson (teacher) 
    • Jennifer Winklmann (teacher) 
    • Frederick Beschine (Director of Governance) 
    • Taylor Barton (Principal) 
    • Rodney Alejandro (community meber0 
    • Greta Taylor (parent 



    Election of 2023-2024 FAVE SGC Officers 

    • Chair- Shanna Richardson 
    • Vice Chair- Anatavia Benson 
    • Parliamentarian- Cicily Pearson 
    • Motion made, seconded, and approved for all officers 



    Appointment of 2023-2034 Committee Members and Chairs 

    • Budget and Finance 
    • Cicily Pearson (Chair) 
    • Marcy Morantz 
    • Andy Qu 
    • Rodney Alejandro 
    • Greta Taylor 
    • Outreach and Communication:  
    • Jennifer Winklmann (Chair) 
    • Shanna Richardson 
    • Anatavia Benson 
    • Ahmira Young 
    • Principal Selection 
    • Shanna Richardson (Chair) 
    • Anatavia Benson 
    • Jennifer Winklmann 
    • Marcy Morantz 
    • Motion made, seconded, and approved for all committee members 


    Selection of 2023-2024 Superintendent Advisory Council Representatives 

    • Anatavia Benson 
    • Marcy Morantz 
    • Shanna Richardson 


    Determination of the Meeting Schedule 

    • 3rd Wednesday of each month at 9:00 am 
    • First meeting-September 20, 2023 


    Principal’s Update 

    • Smooth start to the year 
    • Holding to find out if we can hire a 2nd Assistant Principal 
    • Surplus process has started 
    • New Math Coach has been hired, will begin after Labor Day Holiday 
    • Curriculum Night and Title 1 annual Meeting tonight at 5:30 


    SGC Officer Training 

    • Live training opportunities 
    • Reach out to Mr. Benschine if unable to attend 


    SY 2023-2024 Charter Dollars 

    • $46,390 to be spent by the close of the school year 
    • Dr. Barton proposes to send a few teachers DLAC in person 


    Value-Added Flexibility or Opti-in Waiver Deadline 

    • Schools may apply for a waiver if there are state or county policies that restrict access to programs/services, etc 


    HS Student Member Opportunity 

    • Opportunity to sit on the State Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council 
    • Deadline September 8, 2023 


    Virtual Policy Office Hours 

    • Monthly meetings available to stakeholders to get answer to any policy related questions 


    Draft of Next Meeting Agenda 

    • Spending the Charter Dollars 
    • Meeting Norms 
    • Set committee meeting schedule 
    • Update for Superintendent and community advisory council 


    Meeting Adjournment 

    • Meeting adjourned at 9:58 














    Meeting Adjournment 

    • Meeting adjourned at 10:59 


     8.29.23 SGC Meeting Minutes.docx (

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  • Summary of Actions

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  • Minutes

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  • March 2023 Agenda

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  • March 2023 Minutes

    Time: 10:00 am
    Facilitators: Aisha Perry and Dr. Taylor Barton
    In Attendance
    Dr. Taylor Barton, Principal | Ms. Aisha Perry, Teacher (Chair) | Ms. Anatavia Benson, Parent (Vice-Chair) | |Ms. Shanna Richardson, Teacher | Ms. Jennifer Winklmann , Appointed Staff | Parent | Ms. Cicily Pearson, Appointed Staff (Parliamentarian) | Marcy Morantz (Community Member)| Jitender Chhokar| Charles Ethan Vick (student representative)| Mariah Batcho (student representatives)
    Call to Order

    The meeting was called to order at 10:00 am
    Approve Agenda

    The agenda for the April meeting was approved
    Approval of Minutes

    The minutes from the March meeting were read and approved
    Parent/Teacher SGC Elections

    Email was sent to elect parent/teacher representatives

    Will need to elect another student representative, as Charles Vick will be graduating

    Mariah Batcho will continue as a student representative

    We will need to appoint a new community member

    Pearson and Winklmann will remain as appointed teacher members

    Perry and Richardson are our elected teacher members
    Charter Dollars

    Must spend all money this year, even if it for a resource for next year

    Dr. Barton will meet with Shemeka Bowens to confirm presence of additional funds
    Public Comment

    No current comments
    Principal’s Update
    Upcoming Events

    Prom (all grades

    Milestones Testing begins Monday, April 24, 2023

    Majority of testing will be completed April 24-May 5

    Graduation at Riverwood

    5th and 8th grade Moving on Ceremonies

    Graduation at Riverwood High School

    May 10th in person PD with Andrew McPeak

    End of Year staff event

    Push to increase enrollment for 23-24 school year
    Projections for Milestones Performance

    Parent Advisory Council Debrief

    April meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 20th
    Agenda Items for Next Meeting

    Next meeting- May 17th at 10 am

    Recruitment Plan
    Meeting Adjournment

    Meeting adjourned at 10:48

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