• 3DE Business & STEM Magnet Volunteer Hours (mandatory)



    REQUIREMENTS Completing volunteer service is one of the 3DE Business & STEM Magnet. Community service may accrue from the ninth-grade year to the end of the Senior year. Scholars are encouraged to volunteer within their communities and on campus. 


    HOUR REQUIREMENTS: Scholars are encouraged to earn more than 30 hours. Completing 30 hours is only needed to meet the program's requirements by the senior year. 


    Hours required each year by grade: 

    9th ­- 5 hours 

    10th ­- 5 hours 

    11th -­ 5 hours 

    12th ­– 15 hours


    **Note: If you complete any volunteer work on campus, a 3DE Business & STEM Magnet sheet has to be completed, and all volunteerism must be entered on the link for 3DE B-STEM verification. 


    Printed volunteer forms are in the 3DE office with Ms. Smith, or you can download the form. ALL student volunteer work MUST be entered into the form to receive credit for meeting the program's volunteer expectations. 



    Volunteer Form (Submit ALL volunteer work HERE)





    Volunteer Sheet (Must be completed when you conduct volunteer work on BHS campus for your records


    3DE Business & STEM Magnet Volunteer Form