• Our AP students at Chattahoochee HS are highly supported by Fulton County Schools as the district pays for the regular exam fee. However, College Board imposes a $40 Late Fee that applies to any student that is not registered to take an exam in a full year course, our internal late deadline is Nov 12. If a student registers late, then they are responsible for this fee.  Additionally, this year, College Board is enforcing a $40 unused/cancellation fee for any student that is registered and ends up dropping the course after Nov 15 or that does not take the exam in May.  Any unused fee is the responsibility of the student/family. 


    If a student/family is strongly considering dropping an AP course at the end of the fall and/or not taking the exam, parents should email their AP teacher as well as myself (berryG@fultonschools.org) before Nov 12 indicating they have decided to Opt Out of a specific exam.   


    Our desire is that every student enrolled in AP courses would find ways to be successful and stay in the course with every student enrolled taking the AP exam in the spring; however, we know that there are exceptions to this in a small number of cases.


    Please consult with your AP teacher if you have any questions or contact Mr. Berry directly.