• When looking for a specific genre in Destiny, look for the genre under Topic in Destiny Quest.

    Historical Fiction

    Historical fiction takes place in the past during real events in history. Whereas the setting and events are real, the characters are imagined. 


    In mysteries, the story includes the main characters figuring out why something has happened or will happen in the future. Mysteries include detective stories and police mysteries. 

    Science Fiction (Sci-Fi)

    Science fiction stories are based on scientific or technological advances.

    If you have a wild imagination, enjoy science, and/or just want to read something out of this world, then science fiction is for you! These stories, even though they are fiction, often involve something real in science. Science fiction may include ideas or changes that have occurred or might occur. You will usually read about the future, time travel, outer space, aliens, or current breakthroughs in science.

    Realistic fiction

    Realistic fiction stories have characters, events and settings that are made up, but can be real. Characters have real life experiences and problems. The characters are believable and stories take place in our world.