• Students can substitute up to 5 absences per semester (a max of 10 per year) with a remote learning day by meeting the remote learning participation benchmarks listed in policy.  This would result in the student being counted as present for the day(s) they participate remotely.

    • To be marked present, work must be submitted within 2 days of absence.
    • Students may not use a remote learning day on a test day.
    • Parent/guardian or student must notify teacher in advance to the start of the instructional day to utilize the participation benchmark rule.
    • Schools will make their best effort to provide instruction given early notice.

    Students need to meet the following guidelines to receive credit: Participates in at least 50% of the school day to be given credit for attendance. Participation may be synchronous instruction remotely or student may participate asynchronously as defined by the teacher.

    Parents/Students must notify your GRADE LEVEL administrator if you take any remote learning days: